Crackdown Co-Op Hands On

David Jones is best known as the founder of DMA Design, the Scottish development studio that created notable games such as Lemmings, Uniracers, and, perhaps most crucially, Grand Theft Auto. By the time the Grand Theft Auto series really hit the big time with the epic 3D reimagining of GTA III and DMA Design had become acquired by Take-Two label Rockstar, Jones had split off to head up a new division of Rage Software. That division eventually became Real Time Worlds, which is now hard at work on two GTA-inspired action games, the MMO All Points Bulletin, and the single-player/co-op Xbox 360 sci-fi destructionfest Crackdown.'s Chris Remo recently had the opportunity to catch up on the game's progress as well as play a few hours of co-op with a fellow journalist.

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coxyefc4448d ago

i think it looks a bit last gen to me

Daz4447d ago

Theres alot going on thought which could not be done on last gen.