H1Z1 official live stream starts at 4PM PST, Watch it here

The live stream of Sony's upcoming MMO survivor zombies video game "H1Z1" will start in less than 1 hour and a half

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Lior2268d ago

just seen the live stream, day z kills this game

Lord_Sloth2268d ago

Day Z is killing nothing at the moment. Don't be such a fanboy and see what this offers before trumpeting the "inferior product" mantra on everything that isn't Day Z.

2268d ago
DAS6922267d ago

Look at how many bubbles Lior has. He's a professional troller.

HappyWithOneBubble2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I'm not really hype for this. Zombie games isn't my thing.

Well it's just my opinion. Never cared for Day Z either. I will watch the stream though.

Azmatik2268d ago

This isnt JUST a zombie game its so much more

Goro2268d ago

The fact that this game is F2P has put me off, it'll obviously be full of microtransactions and the best players will probably be the ones who pay the most money.

Azmatik2268d ago

Nope they said there is no such thing as pay to win in this game.

Lord_Sloth2268d ago

Exactly. I suspect clothes. Maybe Walking Dead outfits and golden gun skins.

Kayant2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

F2P /=/ P2W and as said above they are not locking weapons and such behind Microtransactions

Goro2268d ago

Yeah but it'll probably be something like "Spend countless days gaining in-game money in the multiplayer to get this weapon or just pay us $5.

Azmatik2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

So what who cares? For god sakes BF4 has shortcut kits you can buy whats wrong with that? It doesnt break the game. Isnt that what you do in any MMO or survival game or rpg, spend countless days grinding for stuff.

Goro2268d ago

I disliked that feature in Battlefield, but stopped playing all together once they introduced the "Rent A Server" feature in Battlefield 3, If you're better than the hosts, they usually just kick you.

Baka-akaB2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

It clearly depends , when it's a game , like a few recent more fleshed out ones , that just use shiny and pretty stuff or early access to some stuff , as a way for you to pay microtransactions , it's ok .

Basically when the game tells you " want the last skin to make your friend jealous ? Well either you're a super grinder , or you'll use poppa's credit card " . DO you think "cheapskates" like myself will care if it's only for trendy stuff and the core game is intact ? Nope .

But they are counting on more influenceable or impatient folks to plunge and fund the game for everyone .

That way is usually ok to me . And i doubt , if they wanna rival the likes of DayZ , that anyone would be stupid enough to try a pay to win survival zombie game

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Shadonic2268d ago

You have to wait and see, cant just go in believing its the worst thing ever just because of it being F2P. Whose to say that all those micro-transactions aren't just aesthetic choices ? Is someone having a different color backpack that you have to pay for really going to ruin your whole experience.

dodgemoose2268d ago

Skill and experience ultimately determines the best players in my opinion

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jhoward5852268d ago

Finally we get to see some pony action.

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