Sega’s failed Dreamcast console actually outsold Nintendo’s Wii U

The console is now as old as the Dreamcast was when Sega announced the system’s death and has sold just about half as many units.

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GuruStarr782274d ago

Well, we've yet to see what mario kart 8 and smash bros does for console sales, so those figures are a tad unfair... but I think its time Nintendo upped its online game and gave us a unified trophy/achievement system.

XisThatKid2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Just to be fair,
He saying Wii U is selling even slower than Dreamcast did.
Wii U has been around approx. 17-18 months has sold lets say 6+ mill give or take
The Dreamcast sold 10.6 mill so at the end of the year (2014) will have to sell around 4 mill or so in 10 months in order to prove the statements and logic of this article incorrect. Hope Smash and MarioK8 helps but those would be soem huge numbers moved, not impossible but would be very hard sell. Not factoring in the competition as well.
All in all it doesn't really matter I guess it's some kind of personal observation and since so many people are sayin "it's goin the way of the Dreamcast" this is why this is even remotely relevant. Who really cares though? Wii U isn't going to Die anytime soon regardless of its state and people who are openly offended by this must somewhat fear for their console of choice and exposing yourselves just making it show over the internet. Let trolls troll, Let the internet have it's fun and pick on the little guy when it's down you can't save it this way, ignore and lets play.

Please do disagree in silence It's not offensive you just disagree with what was said but facts are facts I know some of you are hurt by this article it shows but I wouldn't post this crap.

randomass1712274d ago

Wii U hasn't had a lot of stellar content until recently and I think a lot of people are waiting for the heavy hitters like Mario Kart and especially Smash Bros. before they jump in.

GrandpaSnake2274d ago

As heartless as it sounds, i hope nintendo makes new games besides mario and pokemon as their flagship tittles. I mean am i just going to buy mario hart 10 in a few years? i dont think so, the only reason i would buy a wii u is for kids. all the die hard nintendo fans already bought one. I mean metal gear solid is up to 5 surviving as a multiplat now. I really only think pokemon can put nintendo as a contender.

miyamoto2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Nintendo gave Wii U so many similarities to the Sega Dreamcast most notably was the controller with a screen used in game play. It was released a year earlier than the competition with lesser power. So the outcome is really not understand.

The Dreamcast though short lived was a fantastic home console witg ao many aweaome games. It had Soul Calibur one of the earliest games to have universally acclaimed perfect scores and one of the first arcade to home console port to actually be better than the supposed tobe be more powerful arxade veraion.

It also had the innovative and groubd breaking grand daddt of all hunting games JRPG Phantasy Star Online.

It was.even more appreciated and loved by hardcore gamers after discontinuation.

BattleTorn2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Dreamcast had sold 10.6million by **2007!!

So those last 7years your taking into account are irrelevant. **

ShinMaster2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

There's a big difference between the Wii U and the Dreamcast.

If the Wii U officially died tomorrow. It would not be remembered anywhere near as fondly as the Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast officially introduced online gaming. It wasn't behind the times like the Wii U. And it actually had quite a lot of games in its short lifetime, many of which were unique.

XisThatKid2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

@BattleTorn The numbers were in relative to the discontinue year of 2002 and was repeated every year and the unofficial numbers were never tract by SEGA thus never announced. even if this were untrue it at least put out near 5 mill after year and a half roughly the same as Wii U. The article is still standing true in its actuality

Geekman2273d ago

There was actually alot hype around the Dreamcast. It broke launch sale records.

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Nintendo has infinitely deeper pockets and the wii/ds/2ds/3ds have been wildly successful for them. Mystery solved.

Alex_Boro2274d ago

If Mario Kart doesn't save the Wii U I don't know what will.

RosweeSon2274d ago

Zelda ;) and a bit of Bayonetta 2 exclusivity ;) that and the never gonna happen Shenmue trilogy, 1&2 HD Remake and then just 3 to finish the story... Finally, perleaze!!! Thanking you ;)

Tony-A2274d ago

I know I'll be getting my Wii U sometime this summer if they drop in price a little more, and after I finally get my PS4, just for some of the exclusives.

Alex_Boro2274d ago

@RosweeSon I'm pretty sure Mario Kart is Nintendo's best selling franchise right now.

SpiralTear2274d ago

You lose a lot of credibility when you use the term "save" in your comment.

BattleTorn2274d ago

Online, and 3rd party games..

But F*me right!!!?!?

guitarded772274d ago

Yeah, Zelda is the big must buy system seller (for the gamers). I don't know that the Wii U is "unsavable". We know it's not going to be bought for third party games, so as long as Nintendo can keep the Mario Kart, Mario World, Zelda, SSB, Metroid and the like coming, maybe they can yet keep it going for a couple more years.

ivan5102273d ago

@roseweeson those game wont sell consoles. Zelda will probably sell some consoles but bayonetta wont, it not a big game. What will sell consoles are third party games, destiney, watch dogs, bf, cod, etc

TitanUp2273d ago

surely a lot of people that want mario kart 8 already have a wiiu.

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OrangePowerz2274d ago

Well the DC hasn't really had any system seller. For me there are plenty of great games on it, but most of them had been niche market games. There isn't anything like Mario Kart for it. So I don't think it's really that unfair.

Shnazzyone2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

It was a combination of many things that killed the dreamcast. The problem was dreamcast was a failure in japan. Dreamcast actually did pretty well in america. However it was a costly machine after sega had many failures. That 10 million didn't sustain. That's how in debt sega was. Sega cashed in their chips.

Meanwhile, Nintendo's got lots of cash. Ds & wii combined has put them in a pretty nice place. The only way Wii U could be a dreamcast is in the quality of it's exclusives. Dreamcast games were awesome. Nintendo, unlike sega was when dreamcast was released, is sitting on a ton of money. I expect incredible games through the entire cycle. Then Nintendo to make another system after that.

SilentNegotiator2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Hinging hope on those series to fix hardware sales is silly. Smash brothers sold 7 million on Gamecube, ~4.5 million of Mario Kart:DD; look how well that system sold. Less than 22 million units.

If Nintendo wants to continue having their little self-contained home consoles and not making half of the money that they could be, fine. But this isn't the 90s anymore. It's time to get third party support.

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4logpc2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

So? And the title should read that it has outsold it so far. Wii U is not a product that is not on sale anymore.

iamnsuperman2274d ago

The point is the Dreamcast sold more in the same time period (which is a console that is synonymous for poor sales). Though a better comparison can be made with the Gamecube and the Wii U which has sold roughly the same in the same time period

4logpc2274d ago

I got that, but comparing these two things is pointless. Two companies in very different situations at the time of production, in a market that is drastically different than Dreamcast days.

The issues with the Dreamcast are nothing similar to the issues with Wii U.

GordonKnight2274d ago

Dreamcast died because of poor software sales, due to how easy it was to pirate games. The Wii U has awesome library of quality games.

caseh2274d ago

The times were a lot worse for the Dreamcast. Sega's reputation had gone to sh!t, they were financially in trouble, most 3rd parties abandoned them and everyone was waiting for the PS2.

Still, it's library of games made available on the Dreamcast in that time frame beats what the Wii U has managed to date, easily.

bobacdigital2274d ago

Gamecube still made money for Nintendo... People always say sales were poor but no one ever mentions they didn't sell for a loss and the console actually made them money.

randomass1712274d ago

But the Dreamcast did not sell because the PS2 trumped it and they lost a ton of money on software. Wii U doesn't have a massive piracy issue. Wii U can still make a bunch of money on first party software.

XisThatKid2274d ago

Damn, You guys sure don't get the point of this article and your bias is showing in root that. This has nothing to do with what was wrong with Dreamcast the more you put it down is making the Wii U worse if you think about it,
Your saying with PS2 beating the crap out of it and it was pirated and had no 3rd party support and such but it still sold 10.6 mill in 28 month and we see Wii U 18 months in only around 6 or so with quality games and innovation up the wazoo and following one of Ninty's most biggest run away successes. Think about what you guys are saying if your defending the Wii U. I personally don't care about the bias or console war or anything just get the article before you people speak you'll sound ignorant or fanboyish and no one will take you seriously. Just tryin to help you all out.

bobacdigital2274d ago

There is no doubt that the console is selling poorly.. but you have to take into consideration that every first party game Nintendo has sold is a million seller.. Look at the Wii U titles released by Nintendo (NSMBU, PIKMIN, SM3DW, NINTENDOLAND, and so on) .. The estimates are saying the Wii U is anywhere between 5 - 6 million in sales .. That means about 10% of the base is buying their published games. The Dreamcast never had that kind of success for any title or titles.. They had a bunch of arcade ports that didnt pan out... Yes it sold at a faster rate early on before dying..but the Wii U has yet to release its HEAVIEST of hitters.. The system has proven that it gains momentum with title releases.. granted non of them have sustained for long.. but none of those titles are Mario Kart, Smash, or Zelda.. those could push it to decent levels over time.

Lets declare the console dead once MK8, SMASH, and Zelda come out... at that point if it cant even keep pace with the X1 and the sales are still in the tank we can declare it a failure..

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Dudebro902274d ago

Good lord not this dude again.

"While both companies’ pasts are obviously very different, it’s difficult not to draw comparisons between the Dreamcast and the Wii U."

SO comparing a system from a desperate company that was already in massive debt issues, to a company that has a much better track record with a ton of money is easy to draw comparisons to? Try again.

"Another amusing comparison is the Wii U’s Gamepad and the Dreamcasts VMU. Both were used in similar ways, offering up a second screen experience, but only first-party developers – in the Wii U’s case at least so far – figured out how to take advantage of the added screen real estate in a unique way."

Are you serious dude? LIke seriously? Comparing the VMU to the Wii U gamepad is like comparing a nokia flip phone to an Iphone. Just because they both have screens doesnt mean they are similar.

And the best use of the gamepad has been by ironically Sega and Ubisoft. Zombi U and SOnic All Stars Racing actually use the gamepad in new an creative ways, where a majority of the Wii U games from Nintendo simply use them as a mirrored image or arbitrary features. Look at Super Mario 3D world, and Mario Kart. Does virtually nothing.

I could go on and on, but this dude needs to seriously stop writing, or think before you type.

caseh2274d ago

Long live the Dreamcast *cry*....SHENMUUUUUUUUUUE!!!

Blackleg-sanji2274d ago

o sega and nintendo when i think of these two i think of skies of arcadia.....*tears yyyy is their not a sequel