Should You Buy An Amazon Fire TV For Gaming?

"New video game consoles usually feature the most advanced technology, which makes them pricey pieces of technology that some avid gamers can't afford. But does a gaming machine need the most advanced technology to provide a wealth of entertainment? This is the question that Android-based gaming consoles such as the Ouya have started to explore. Amazon recently released the Fire TV, a media-streaming device that also plays Android powered games. Should this system be a temping buy for gamers? Or does it cater to a different crowd? We put the console through its paces and tell you if it's worth buying. "

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miyamoto2281d ago

Ditto. My PS3 has way so many better games waiting to be played.

randomass1712280d ago

Yeah me neither. I like my dedicated systems.

KrimsonKody2281d ago
I mean, Amazon has the money to pay for solid 3rd party & exclusives, & high powered graphics chip &-wait...why am I analysing this?
The answer is no.

randomass1712280d ago

This console is meant for the Google/Apple TV market, not the same as Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox.

levian2280d ago

Yep, basically iOS games on your TV. Which I don't see the need for, seeing how you can just connect your phone to the TV, and buy a gaming controller for your phone too...

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The story is too old to be commented.