PS3's B.C. problems and how to blow it out of perspective

From Joystiq: "We all heard the news; the PS3 isn't fully backwards compatible with every PlayStation game. Of the 8,000 or so games in the PlayStation universe, roughly 200 of them won't work as advertised. It looks like the backcompat issue is yet another black mark on Sony's already stumbling reputation ... but is this really that bad?

Business Week is one of those groups who apparently think background music not playing right in Radiata Stories during cutscenes is going to topple the Sony empire like Visigoths over Rome (alright, a bit extreme). They claim "the bad publicity could ultimately leave Sony at a disadvantage compared with Microsoft and Nintendo." We find that a bit of a stretch when Sony's got bigger issues out there and we haven't heard a peep from Microsoft's backwards compatibility efforts since August."

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Sphinx4447d ago

...not too many people could care less about playing old games, that aren't classics (like Duck Hunt, or the like). This won't hurt the PS3 at all.

Watapata4447d ago

you DO realize that the number one driving force over hardware adaptation in the computer era is backwards compatibility right? You do know that Windows would never have become dominant without software BC don't you? BC was a key selling point of the PS2 in its early days...There's no reason to think it may not have a similar effect these days...

Bill Gates4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

And DO you really think that 200 out of 8,000 games is really as big an issue as some sites are making it out to be? It's all negative propaganda being spread to continue to stain Sony's name. If Sony wins the next format, Microsoft will have so much money to lose, and not because of their silly HD-DVD drive either. Think really hard why. Microsoft needs for Sony to finish last this time around, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish this. Sony and Nintendo are trying to expand the market of gaming to other areas so that the industry will remain healthy. I swear some of you think that people don’t age. Companies realize that people age and so they need to keep catering to those aging people as well as raising new ones. Sony is catering to a certain demographic with the PS3 for the next couple of years because they know the PS2 will still be doing well in that time still sucking some of the 360's profits. After two years the PS3 will catch on to those that are currently still enjoying this generation of gaming, and are in no rush to jump into the next negeration.

If anyone responds to this, don’t expect me to respond back as I’m only able to post one comment per thread because apparently I hurt the feelings of some loser 360 fanbiatch.

Watapata4447d ago

"Bill Gates" i was just referring to the importance of legacy apps and bc in general. Do I think that the drop of 200 out of the gigantic library of past games is a big deal, no, not at all. I'm just stressing the fact that bc is important. I very much applaud Sony for having the bc that they do compared with Microsoft's comparatively slim offerings. Next time I'd refrain from attacking people simply because you feel they may have inadvertently attacked something you obviously adore so much. Maybe then you wouldn't be limited to one comment per topic. Everything you hate about some 360 fanboys, you represent on the PS3 side.

Arkham4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

I love how today's news reports kept saying the BC didn't work with "over 8000 Playstation games."

No one expected 100% compatibility, even the slim PS2 doesn't play all games.

I'm sure most key games will be fixed with updates. Until then 97% compatibility is still close enough for the majority of people.

Phytonadione4447d ago

It's not 100% bc? I'm going to EB right away to get a refund on my pre-order! Damn you Sony! Is 99% bc the best you could do? That is not good enough!

testerg354447d ago

Didn't Sony say 100% BC... and that's the problem. With MS you knew what to expect..

shysun4447d ago

Just stop being a Fanboy for 5 seconds!:(

andy capps4447d ago

They said that everything that followed their QA standards (they had a different name for it) would work. This will be patched anyway. The backwards compatability thing is nice, but I agree with 1, I could care less about playing old games on a new system. Very rarely do I plan on playing old games on the PS3. An exception will be God of War and Shadow of the Colossus.

big_tim4447d ago

They said that it would work with all games that followed their guidelines. Anyway, everyone knew this already since the PS2 couldn't do 100% of the PS1 games that this would happen. the plus side is they can create patches for the FEW games that don't work to make them work. This is the exact opposite for the 360. They have to patch the emulator for every game to get it to work in the first place.

I don't want to sound to negative toward the 360, because I own one, but they have a greater problem then the PS3 does with the BC issues. I am still waiting for a couple of older games to get patched so that I can play them in between new 360 games.

foxone4447d ago

the problem is that it involves GT and FF

jedicurt4447d ago

which GT and which Final Fantasy?

are we talking GT1? GT2? or GT3? or even GT4?

are we talking FF7? FF8? FF9? FF10? ff10-2? or perhaps even the FF Anthology or FF chronicals, or FF Origins?

i'm sorry BBC you can't say the names of game franchises and not the specific game names, cause i doubt there is a possible problem with every game in the franchise

jedicurt4447d ago

Actually i forgot FF tactics as well. and i'm sure there is another FF title i am forgetting as well

andy capps4447d ago

From listening to the IGN podcast today, they say that every single game they've tried has worked, and these seem to only be occurring with the Japanese versions of these games. But yeah, 200 games out of 8k isn't bad. It'll probably all be patched soon.

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