Frugal Gaming Review | Insurgency PC

Based on a 2007 mod for the ever popular, if slightly creaking source engine. Insurgency is a team focused multiplayer FPS available on Steam. With the shooter genre as saturated as Frugal Daz’s pants at the launch of a new Apple product, does Insurgency offer anything to make it stand out from the crowd?

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psuedo1649d ago

I use to play the Insurgency that was made before this one. It had a great focus on chokepoints, and made for some awesomely tense firefights. Think Americas Army (one or two hits and you could die) mixed with counterstrike mixed with wolfenstein/battlefield choke point gameplay. It was great fun especially if you had headsets. Not sure how this one turned out as the first was a free mod, and this one is being sold as a standalone I guess. If it's anything like the first it was pretty fun.

ATi_Elite1649d ago

OMG Americas Army is fantastic. You really gotta have skill and use teamwork.

None of that emptying a whole clip into someone only to have them head shot you CRAP.

is Americas Army still active?

UglyGeezer1649d ago

Sounds like a good game to play with mates. I keep on hearing that it's quite a tactical game, so could be a great for games nights.

Allsystemgamer1649d ago

Played it when it was a mod. It was pretty good then. Don't know about this one.

N_Geezy1649d ago

Insurgency has gone downhill. I played it back in the day and was an awesome experience. It was my favorite game for some time and I put some serious hours in. Now it just feels broken; don't like the update they did at all.

contraryrhombus1648d ago

I was looking at getting this one my computer was back up and running, but a 6 isn't a great score. Probably going to hold off until a couple of mates get it as well. At least then I will have a solid chance with some teammates. Then some of the issues might have been solved, fingers crossed.

PridedLlama1648d ago

Its def one to play with friends, I've still not managed to find a game where people are communicating so its really hard to work as a team, doesn't help that I've never seen more than about 500 players online at anyone time