Dark Souls 2 PC port: mod god Durante's verdict

In 2012, Peter "Durante" Thoman wrote the popular mod DSfix for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die on PC, fixing its locked 1024x720 resolution and other issues. In 2013, he released a similar fix for Deadly Premonition.

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aquamala2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

sounds great

"From Software and Namco Bandai deliver a PC version of their game which not only fulfills all the standard expectations in terms of resolution and framerate support, but also adds additional options beyond that. Crucially, they have included high-resolution texture assets which generally fit even the expectations of gamers who play beyond 1080p."

"With all in-game settings maximized and rendering at 2560x1440, I never noticed a single drop below 60 FPS on my PC (equipped with a Core i7 920 CPU and Geforce GTX770 GPU). In fact, the GPU was generally below 60% loaded in order to maintain that framerate. Even medium-range systems should easily maintain a solid framerate, particularly at the more common 1920x1080 resolution."

MoveTheGlow2279d ago

Agreed! Kudos to PC Gamer for bringing Durante in, that was amazing.

Meep2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Sounds great.
"...some higher-quality alternatives, will be discussed in more detail in our upcoming Dark Souls 2 tweak guide.

I will be looking into that also. Cant wait for it.

04soldier2279d ago

April 25th can't come soon enough...

LightofDarkness2279d ago

Sounds like From have really done their homework this time and delivered a fantastic port. The performance improvement is outstanding, they really optimized the game well. Sounds like it really was made for PC.

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