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Tin Salamunic: Amazon’s entry into the gaming market has been both surprising and monumental. First they brought us the notably powerful and budget priced Kindle Fire HDX last year and now this - a tiny powerhouse that’s not only the best streaming device on the market, it actually makes mobile gaming on the big screen work. I wasn’t particularly excited to get my hands on another mobile console hybrid after witnessing Ouya’s absurd hype and disastrous launch, but I’m glad I kept my faith in Amazon’s promise to deliver quality products. Amazon Fire TV impresses from the moment it’s plugged into the wall. It takes seconds to set up and instantly delivers everything you’d expect from a small app player – and then some. While hardcore gamers aren't likely to be the system’s early adopters, it’s surprising how well the Amazon Fire TV works as a gaming device. It’s fast, responsive and delivers superb 1080p resolution with no lag and zero hiccups.

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PeaSFor2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

"controller is worst than the ouya...wouldnt buy it when pretty much everything else is doing a better job, ...its not hot shit, its just SHIT."

a good 32min test.