Opinion: Could SHAREfactory on PS4 Become a Bit of a Cash Cow?

When the reports regarding an overhauled video editing suite for the PlayStation 4 first dropped, we weren’t expecting it to offer much. You’re already able to add titles to video clips on the Xbox One, and so we were anticipating something similar on Sony’s next-gen machine. However, when rumours relating to the involvement of the Sony Vegas Pro development team started to circulate, our expectations rose.
Now that it’s announced, though, the application – named SHAREfactory – appears to be much more than we ever predicted. For those of you that missed the reveal, the add-on – available as part of firmware update v1.70 – will allow you to stick clips together, record audio and video commentaries, implement effects, and much more. And the reveal trailer has left us pondering whether it’s going to become something of a secret cash cow for the platform holder moving forwards.

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sonic9892274d ago

its a neat feature in my opinion .
its always like that someone must crush everyone's hopes before they even get the real thing wait wait be patient .

ZodTheRipper2273d ago

Sony has to keep a business afloat, developing this probably took a few months ...and judging by the reveal trailer this editor is very well made so they have the right to profit off that work. The core features seem to be free so I have no problem if extra features are locked behind a paywall.

sonic9892273d ago

pretty much like any great video editor .
yes i agree but i think you slightly misunderstood my point here what i meant exactly is that people like the author here are thinking that we live in fantasy dream land we everything is free well in reality its not .
from my experiences with sony i dont think they will piss off their fans with ridiculous pricing or anything and btw this feature looks very beautiful even if you have to pay something for it .

fooltheman2274d ago

If it's core functionality is free...than can add some extra things to buy...

No problem. :)

iamnsuperman2274d ago

I don't mind if they add certain extras for money. Like filters or other effects. As long as the core service stays the same this type of thing could be really profitable for Sony without really hindering the owners (if you want a vintage filter you can buy it). The only issue is price. Let's not be ridiculous and charge several pounds. It should be worth a couple of pence (60p isn't too bad)

GasTankKiller2273d ago

Price will make or break the add-on feature. I'm also wondering if PlayStation Plus members will have exclusive features or free add-ons that nonmembers will need to pay for.

Pesonlly if an add-on feature provides a good value and its a little pricey its worth it sometimes.

Should be fun to see what people create within the first 24-hours of the SHAREfactory release.

TitanUp2273d ago

agree we can't expect everything to be free all of the time.

candy_mafia2274d ago

This awesome editor negates the need for an external capture device. You can upload via USB function to just about anywhere.

Hello youtube :)

S2Killinit2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

It would be a nice addition. I wonder jf im ever going to be a youtube celeb

shivvy242274d ago

Never give up the dream, keep fighting !

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