5 Movie Spin-off games that DON’T suck

Continue Play's Dale Morgan takes a look at the often-despised world of movie-based videogames, and selects his pick of 5 games based on films which DON'T suck.

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ContinuePlay2276d ago

I love Blade Runner... such a good game

ironfist922275d ago

No mention of Riddick though? That game is the epitome of good movie-based games.

And what about the Ghostbusters Video Game which was released in like 08/09? I loved that game.

Goro2276d ago

This list is missing Scarface: The World Is Yours on PlayStation 2.

ContinuePlay2276d ago

But... it's a list of movie games which DON'T suck ;)

contradictory2276d ago

yeah, it wasn't a bad GTA clone by any means
i remember really liking it back in the day

frostypants2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Alien 3 on the SNES was a really excellent side-scrolling shooter. Should be on here.

Well written article though.

Reverent2276d ago

Also, the console versions of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. That game was easily the best of any of the Harry Potter games. In my opinion, yes, even over the Lego games.

Goro2275d ago

Yes, the first 3 Harry Potter games were awesome, after that they went to sh*t...

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SuperDan-Dare2276d ago

I enjoyed a fair few of the star wars related games. Jedi knight is most memorable for me.

-Foxtrot2276d ago

No Toy Story 2

Easily the best movie tie in game on the PS1

contradictory2276d ago

i always really liked Star Wars Battlefront II
the space combat in it was really fun
especially in the multiplayer where i'd just go to the other team's base and troll them with explosives :D

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The story is too old to be commented.