Top 5 Worst Superhero Games

Lisa doesn't know much about super heroes, so she calls in a friend to help her list off the top 5 worst superhero games of all time.

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LightDiego1741d ago

Saint's Row IV should be on that list.
Girls is naaaice.

randomass1711741d ago

Lisa's cute. <3 Good list!

SilentNegotiator1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Rocko, Birdman, superheros...was this video made for me specifically?

Oh, and in spirit of not being a combo breaker, Lisa is good looking.

randomass1711740d ago

Pleasure to be in the presence of a fellow Rocko, Birdman, superheroes fan who also thinks Lisa is cute lol. Play any other really bad superhero games that weren't on this list?

finito821740d ago

i think all the spiderman games have fell short in my opinion.

JohnApocalypse1740d ago

You could create a list with just shitty Batman games

Farsendor11740d ago

superman games will always be the worst