Frugal Gaming Review | Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut PS4

Strike Suit Zero is a space combat game that was initially released on the PC over a year ago, since then it has continued to be worked on by Born Ready Games with extra features and missions included to mark its release as the Directors Cut on the PS4 as a digital Download.

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PridedLlama2273d ago

As much as I love this game, and I really do, a lot, all it makes me wish for is a new x-wing/tie fighter game. Youve got to think that with the success of elite dangerous and star citizen someone at EA has got to be taking notice and got someone thinking about this.

I'd settle for an updated Tie-Fighter, it truly is my favorite game of all time

Budobear2273d ago

Dude I have to agree,
This game has filled a void for me and I am loving it (though I wrestled with the controlls at first) but I long for a Colony Wars up date, a decent Battlestar Galatica flight sim, or dream of dreams Tie-fighter / X-wing game (though as someone has already said it would be a little difficult to map the controlls for the latter to a pad)

PridedLlama2273d ago

I what you mean about the controls, but i think it can work. if you think apart from movement via sticks you still have another 14 inputs on a standard controller.

Not to mention the touch pad a the ps4, and kinect voice on xbox one, I can imagine saying target nearest enemy, or shield full front, in fact i think that might be one of the best uses for kinect cause it doesn't seem forced.

anyway as you say, we live in hope!

thejigisup2273d ago


Ps4 also has voice commands capabilities. Just saiyan. But I agree it wouldn't feel forced and the game would definitely benefit if the voice commands were implemented properly.

Dutch15852273d ago

I would love a new X-Wing/Tie Fighter game, especially after playing this, it just makes me want to play a more refined game in this genre.

TitanUp2273d ago

scores are all over the place, guess the higher difficulty in the later missions hurt the scores.

UglyGeezer2273d ago

I want to play it, I will pick this up on the PS4 when I get some gaming time.

I have't seen the game, or played it, but I was irked by the review saying the graphics were a let down for a PS4 game. In a sense it's not a PS4 game, it's a port of an indie PC title and has the low budget trappings that come with that. I think gamers of my generation are possibly a lot more forgiving though.

PridedLlama2273d ago

I think the graphics look fantastic to be honest, but maybe my love for the genre tints my glasses a bit, I've seen a hell of alot of full price retail games look a hell of a lot worse

Dutch15852273d ago

I started out my gaming on a ZX Spectrum and still regularly play retro games, especially my beloved Mega Drive so I like to think I know how relative graphics are to a game and the experience it creates.

The comment on graphics is that if you spend the majority of the game staring at your ship then that should at least be fully textured and have a good level of detail.
The landscapes look beautiful but the main aspect of the game, the ships and space stations look slightly blocky and rough round the edges and it does draw you out of the experience when you contrast the foreground and background.

FrugalDaz2273d ago

This game was not even on my radar, but after reading the review I'll pick it up and have a bash!

For that price, I'm not to bothered if it doesn't look as shiny as full PS4 titles.