Sony: One-Time PSN Name Change Considered; "Listening" on PS4 UI Customization/Dynamic Themes, More

Just a couple days ago DualShockers reported a rumor about the alleged possibility of PSN name changes coming in the future and today SCE Director of Product Planning and Software Innovation, Home Consoles Scott McCarthy had interesting news to share.

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kreate2269d ago

Wonder if ppl will complain after they change their name. Probably want their old one back.

MegaRay2269d ago

Thats better.
I really want to remove the numbers next to my id but knowing people, they'll 100% change thier user names.
Last thing I want is to see alot of my friends who I dont knowthey are (little who will send tthier friend a notification about the change)

Mr_cheese2269d ago

Surely there will be a system in place that tells you a friends name has changed. Not a direct notification but maybe the way Runescape did it, if you seletc the friend, a little note underneath say who they previously was

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The story is too old to be commented.