Ultra Street Fighter IV Opening Movie & Special Trailer

Capcom Japan has released the Ultra Street Fighter IV's intro video and a four minutes trailer that showcases the new save state option in training mode, along with the YouTube upload feature.

It also has some Decapre combos along with a rundown of new gameplay mechanics and modes.

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pwnsause_returns2275d ago

2:00, did capcom just decided to remind us of this?

3-4-52274d ago

Street Fighter: Milking masters Ultra Watered down copy version: Paste 7

pompombrum2274d ago

Lol even the game's intro has a lot of copy and paste elements.. sums up the game perfectly tbh in terms of new content.

BigDollarZoe9542274d ago

milk the hell out that cow lol i'll pass on this cashcom then next one after this one mega supreme ultra street fighter