PS4 Hits 7 Million Globally

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. just announced that PS4 has cumulatively sold through more than 7.0 million units globally as of April 6th, 2014. PS4 software sales are another bright spot, with more than 20.5 million copies sold at retail and PlayStation Store worldwide as of April 13th, 2014.

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uptownsoul2662d ago

Big news, good job PS4…Now go get another 7M

allformats2662d ago

When you make right decisions from the onset, goodwill will follow you all the way to the end. Sony's made all the right decisions, and said decisions has paid off in many, many ways.

ArmGunar2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Good job Sony ! Well deserved :)

- 4,2 millions as of 28 december + 9,7M games sold
- 5,3 millions as of 8 february
- 6 millions as of 2 march
- 7 millions as of 6 april + 20,5M games sold

TheGreatAndPowerful2662d ago

I said God Damn! God Damn... :D Congrats, Sony!

GarrusVakarian2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

7 million consoles already.....crazy numbers. I don't see those numbers letting up any time soon either. If they are doing that well with little in the way of retail exclusives, then they are going to stay just as strong when the exclusives start flowing like they did with the PS3. This gen sure is beginning to look pretty one-sided, even this early on.

Also, 20 million game sales, but i thought PS fans only rented? ;p

majiebeast2662d ago

Dat domination and demand. The thirst is real.

Jughead34162662d ago

Sony hasn't been perfect. But they've made an overall committment toward gamers to give us the best experiences. Just wait until we get outside of the launch window, when titles and technology start flowing in on a more regular basis. This could be a historic home console.

XBOX ONE has impressive numbers also, but they're being over shadowed by Sony's success. If Phil Spencer can show gamers that they're committed to them, they're numbers will improve.

cleft52662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

This is great news, not just for Sony but for everyone looking forward to next-gen games becoming the lead platform for 3rd party games. When you look at Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed it's clear that the lead platform was last gen consoles. The sooner the PS4/Xbox One is the lead platform for games the better for everyone.

chrismichaels042662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

The PS4 continues to prove, fanboys speak loud....but gamers' wallets speak louder. 7 million consoles in less than 6 months is an impressive accomplishment. Congrats to Sony on the PS4's continued success.

MightyNoX2662d ago

I second that statement. Well done, well deserved but most importantly...WELL EARNED.

Skips2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Wonder why MS have been keeping so silent. lol

"with more than 20.5 million copies sold at retail"

Well, that's where having the best console version of mulitplats comes into play. And not to mention solid sales for exclusives.

Ritsujun2662d ago Show
TomShoe2662d ago

Sony is just making it look easy at this point.

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chrismichaels042662d ago

If Sony pulls off yet another impressive E3 show, the PS4 hype going into the holiday season is going to be insane.

SolidStoner2661d ago

and I still dont have one! I mean PS4!! :D still using my ps3 full throttle... I will get it eventually!

Nine_Thousaaandd2661d ago

@allformats...well said...

And keeping the deves involved through the development of PS4...has paid off big time as well.

Congrats, Sony...Playstation brand is stronger than ever!

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GribbleGrunger2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

So with another 10 days added and considering that 'over 7 million' (sold THROUGH, by the way), we can estimate they've now sold 7.2 million PS4s WW. Very well done. I would have loved to be at the shareholders meeting when they plonked those numbers down on the table. 'You know we said 5 million by the end of the fiscal year ... ? Well ...'

MightyNoX2662d ago

Haha, it's a problem that I'm sure they won't mind having.

LondonMediaOS2662d ago

Lol Wow!
Must be nice to be Sony at the moment. Cant wait for E3, I hope they can keep this train rolling.

GTgamer2662d ago

We call that Good Problems (•ิ_•ิ)

GordonKnight2661d ago

It's balancing out all the Red Tape the other Sony departments are making.

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Gazondaily2662d ago

Its only a matter of time :)

TheGreatAndPowerful2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

before MS goes out of business?

dantesparda2662d ago

Lol, Im sorry but that was funny.

randomass1712662d ago

Before the next 7 million PS4s are sold. :P

badboy7762662d ago

Xbone Numbers Come Out and Play......

2662d ago
Gazondaily2661d ago

"For what?"

For Sony to get another 7 million. I was replying to the first post.

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Kayant2662d ago

Said what.... Oh shit was not expecting that before NPD results at least.

Good job Sony. PS4 is doing really well.

Bernlock2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

which probably means they lost this month and they wanted to get their news out first before all the headlines were sony loses to microsoft in march

Edit: Soap shoes I think thats what they are doing. I think they are counteracting the news of losing in march. Classic PR move and nothing wrong with it. But it also says "Sold Through" which people are seeming to ignore.

Disagree all you want people. Id bet my life on this meaning sony lost in marchs NPD. If Sony wins I will delete my account and ban myself from this commenting on this site again.

SoapShoes2662d ago

^ It's just as likely that they sold more in March. I would think if they weren't #1 that they'd save thi info to counteract the other news.

SoapShoes2662d ago

^ But you can't counteract what hasn't been announced... You mean preimptive but I still think they would wait so when news comes out they can reduced the so caled "damage."

OrangePowerz2662d ago


Sony releases numbers for milestines monthly for the PS4. If MS can't outsell the PS4 in the US in tge month when TF comes out they would need to worry anyway given how shooter centric the US are.

Kayant2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )


"If Sony wins I will delete my account and ban myself from this commenting on this site again." - Lmaooo no need to take it to heart.

You're probably right in that but it make more sense IMO to counter it in their NPD PR like SoapShoes said above. Anyways I don't think they lost by a large margin thanks to I:SS if they indeed lost.

"But it also says "Sold Through" which people are seeming to ignore" - Yes want's wrong there?
That means sold to customers -->

edwick2662d ago


"sold-through" means it was actually sold to consumers, not just retailers, what is to ignore?

avengers19782662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

@uber since NPD numbers are not out yet we can't really say what console won march in america( amazon and GameStop both had PS4 on top the entire month )
But world wide will belong to SONY PS4. And Sony don't really need a PR Spin here they are clearly ahead, isn't it odd to you at all that MS hasn't said a thing about there numbers since they said they shipped 3.9 million XB1s not sold through(BTW that means sold to consumers, since you don't seem to know that)

Chevalier2662d ago

I would say that we have received regular shipments throughout march to end Sony's fiscal yeah and I doubt MS won the month. My store sold close to 90 PS4's in just over 4 weeks, whereas Xbone with Titanfall we sold something like 30 units. It's not even close at least where I'm at.

Sevir2661d ago

Uber, things you may want to consider, "Sell Through" like you've highlighted means sold to customers. The Last time MS announced its figures was in January when they stated 3.9 million consoles total were ship as of Dec 31, 2013 and that as of the same day 3 million total was sold to consumers... Pretty sure they were reporting to keep pace with Sony, but now that Sony has pulled ahead they've stopped all together, they'll likely update on April 22 as that's their quarterly report for the company, by then we'// likely hear MS has sold an excess of 5.2 million Xbox Ones they''ll be closer to 6 million I'm pretty sure Titan Fall Bundle pushed them up a bit but I doubt they have sold at the rate Sony has sold or they'd be trumpeting the figures.

They've been silent since Jan this year on sales milestones, and even more cryptic and quiet on software sales for their biggest exclusive... While Sony has been trumpeting its exclusives and such... Infamous SS sold 1 million in 9 days... What's Titan Fall sell on XBO?

solidjun52661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

"But it also says "Sold Through" which people are seeming to ignore...."

Purposeful ignorance. You know very well it means sold to customers. The bitterness is strong with this one.

"If Sony wins I will delete my account and ban myself from this commenting on this site again."

You'll just sign on to one of your alternate accounts.

avengers19782661d ago

@sevir 5.2 million to 6 million XB1s is a bit of an over estimation there probably a lot closer to 4 to 4.5 million

solidjun52661d ago

Hey uberpwnyexpress, I guess it's time for you to ban yourself. Hit the road jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

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elsuperamigo2662d ago

But...but...but ps4!!!! Lol poor xbones and their inferior console

randomass1712662d ago

Xbox One has lower specs for sure (and some terrible PR) but it's not THAT inferior. It's playing the same games but with lower resolutions. Inferior, but not by much. Anyway, I'm really glad for PS4's success as well, but let's not use that to poke fun at Xbox fans. That's just tacky.

TheTwelve2662d ago

Hmmm. 15 million sold this time next year?

GribbleGrunger2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

This time next year? Try 22 - 24 million.

randomass1712662d ago

Forget that, let's aim for 30 million!

Magicite2662d ago

PS4 sells in average 1mil/month and thats not counting holidays and exclusive impacts.

TitanUp2662d ago

Sony probably lost NPD that is why they announced this early, World matters more than NPD but none of it really matters to me.

x1 has been selling very well also

only thing i hope sells good is ff14 so we have more people to play with.

nypifisel2662d ago

Xbox One is selling okey, but hardly what MS had hoped. I would be surprised if they sold more than 4.5 million to date, which is pretty crap comparing to the competition.

cellur1112661d ago

According to vgchartz the xbone only sold 4.2m, so it isn't doing that good, considering it's still 2.8 million units behind PS4 and they launched at the same time. It's also 2 million units behind the wii u.

TitanUp2661d ago

so did the xbox 360 sell bad? for now the x1 is keeping pace with the xbox 360.

Gamer19822662d ago

More Proof VGChartz underscores PS consoles there STILL at 6.9.. Sony states SOLD here not shipped and MORE than 7 million.

ikkokucrisis2662d ago

and they probably buff the xbone numbers as well. the actual ps4 to xbone consoles sold ratio is probably a solid 2:1.

hellzsupernova2661d ago

Calm down a site that tracks numbers was only a bit off. They say they are a prediction, stop bearing down they do the best they can with the data they have at the time

Conzul2662d ago

I predict(ed) 24+ mil by Christmas of this year. Still holdin' to it XD

Jazz41082662d ago

The way sony is selling assets and closing studios amd laying off people and canceling new ips, I think gamers will start to take notice and this lead will slow pretty quick imo. Sony needs games to support this console and all I see is 3rd party. E3 will be a good telling if we are in for a dry ps4 year full of remasters are is Sony really know what they are doing by all these jobs lost. This is my opinion.

Ricegum2661d ago

Oh god @ Jazz

There's always one idiot.

showtimefolks2662d ago

this shows that you can make a console and target the gamers and do really well. congrats to sony

i think by end of 2014 ps4 could be 15 plus million sold

Sevir2661d ago

The sales analysis from reputable analysts say 23+ million, because the holiday season is when consoles sell the most! They'll be shifting 1.5 million per major territory between October, November and Xmas with much less supply constraints, strong fall/winter software line ups and promotions marketing campaigns...

I'll say they'll sell through 17-20 million PS4s by years end.

harrisk9542662d ago

And this is SOLD THROUGH to consumers, not SHIPPED... Good going Sony!

kenshiro1002662d ago

-whistles- Really good numbers. I'm getting one soon.

XxExacutionerxX2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Like a lot of other people in that 7 million, I bought a PS4 because of the overhype train of fanboys telling me that its the greatest thing on the planet..4 months and still no games later (infamous SS is about as long as Ryse, lol Didnt expect that) Bought a XBOX ONE.. Sweet Better online play ( Cod Ghost, Battlefield 4) Better games Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Titanfall, hell even Ryse is awesome, just short. Graphics on Ps4 look the same. I guess Sony Fanboy have the kind of eyes that can see every little pixel from about 6 to 10ft away. If you want to buy another hype machine, get a Wii. I like to compare PS4 to Call of Duty, just because the immature kids found and can afford it doesnt make it a better system.

Chespin2662d ago

The fact all your comments complain about how dumb Sony and it's fans are lead me to believe you never touched a PlayStation in your life. Hateful little man.

Whiskeyjacked872662d ago

Not long before you lose all your bubbles like me Making ridiculous statements like these.

CKPan2662d ago

I have 55" TV, you bet I can see every pixel!

jessupj2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Maybe you should give that PS4 to some that actually appreciates games, since you obviously don't.

But we both know you never did buy a PS4, don't we?

I also recommended a good optometrist since you have great difficulty seeing apparently.