Full Press Release Shows Sony With Over 7 Million Playstation 4 Systems and 20 Million Games Sold

Sony has released the full press release from Sony with news that their latest console, the Playstation 4 has now sold over 7 million units and is still in high demand.

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Garethvk2272d ago

The 20 million games mark is interesting. Killzone and Infamous: Second Son mainly?

uptownsoul2272d ago

Big news, good job PS4…Now go get another 7M

Cindy-rella2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

i want a ps4 but can't find one for sale. this thing is selling a lot and i can't wait to buy it . hopefully i can get one by the time the last of us remastered edition is out.

ArchangelMike2271d ago

What was their initial sales target for the end of the quarter? I can't remember now, was it 5 million? In any case it is clear that they have completely exceeded their sales target.

Someone's at SCE is going to be getting a huuuge bonus come end of quarter :)

Good Job Sony.

2271d ago
TitanUp2271d ago

sony did a really good job with ps4 and im happy to have one

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360ICE2271d ago

Probably mainly Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.
Killzone and inFamous Second Son have sold well, but according to VGChartz, not as well as those two.


Baka-akaB2271d ago

Doesnt feel that sad imo . At least expected flops or semi flops , games with mixed receptions , like Knack did quite well sales wise .

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pwnsause_returns2271d ago

theres one thing you should take from this when it comes to that 20 Million games mark...

third party companies looking at the PS4 right now.

to them, this is more important than the install base.

they see that games do sell on this machine. they will jump in.

ArchangelMike2271d ago

Yup, that will be very significant to third parties moving forward. I'm hoping it means that they will develop to the PS4's strengths and leave parity clauses in the bin where it belongs.

pwnsause_returns2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Oh they will. It's the leading platform right now, and the strongest console between the Xbox and the ps4

In fact these systems are pretty much developed like pcs now. So we will see games leading on pc first, then ps4 then Xbox. Pc gamers should be happy about this gen of consoles.

Magicite2271d ago

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts
2. FIFA Soccer 14
3. Battlefield 4
4. Killzone: Shadow Fall
5. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 2
6. inFAMOUS: Second Son
7. Knack

PS4 games that have sold over 1 million copies, probably there are more.

ArchangelMike2271d ago

With these hardward and software sales, I guess we know why Sony really passed on Titanfall afterall...

Loadedklip2271d ago

No ... it's Call of Duty, FiFa and Battlefield at the top of the PS4 charts.

Garethvk2271d ago

I should have been clearer, I meant to say of the exclusives.

gunnerforlife2271d ago

@grimlash oh come on dude, i love sony and ps4. but to say Xbone is only selling 200k a month is a lie and false information. 200k is probably only in the USA. stop talking out of your ass. i expect Xbone to be selling around 300/350k a month worldwide. and 3.6 million was in February, you're nearly 3 months behind in that figure.

While yes the Ps4 should hit 15 or 16 million by January. i expect it to sell at least 1 million for Black Friday in america and another 1 million during Xmas (just in america)

2271d ago
AliTheSnake12271d ago

8 millions by E3. Let's Go!

3-4-52271d ago

Fall/Winter is going to be huge for the big 3.

* Tons of games releasing starting in September with Destiny, which should sell very well.

* Since more people own a PS4 than a XB1, most likely the multiplats and sports games will sell slightly more on PS4 because of the install base and current attach rate of PS4 owners.

* XB1 should have nice fall showing with gamers getting their usual sports + COD games but also getting a few nice games as well.

* Wii U - Fall/Winter is huge for Wii U. Super Smash Brothers should sell AT LEAST 3 million copies on just the Wii U, and should boost Holiday sales along with Mario Kart 8.
- MK8 gets a second winter push after it's initial release in may, but E3 is important for Nintendo because we know they have surprises for us, but we are hoping they help sell a few consoles as well.

* Sony fans seem dedicated to their console, because there aren't a ton of games but they are buying them up like crazy.

jjonez182271d ago

Knack has also sold over 1million. All three should easily account for 1/4 of those 20 million.

GribbleGrunger2270d ago

An interesting little snippet that's been overlooked in this press release is that the PS4 has now launched in 72 countries.

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stuna12272d ago

Excellent job Sony! Nice to be one of the first.

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GribbleGrunger2272d ago

This was 10 days ago and it says 'over', so I'm guessing 7.2 million now ... And I was pretty damned close because I said 7.1 - 7.2 million by the end of the fiscal year! Pats self on back. Looks at self in mirror. Turns away in shame ...

Lawboy22272d ago

over 72 countries and regions....interesting I didn't know that

congratulations sony on a job well done

also where can I find this press release

Lawboy22272d ago

thank you just read it...said the exact same thing

Garethvk2272d ago

That is what they send to press in an e mail. I am press so that is what they sent us for posting.

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