Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Reactions

"Over a week has passed since Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Direct presentation, featuring a ridiculous amount of new information, reveals, and much more. The information was boundless. And, finally, the Nintendo Enthusiast Radio crew has gotten to discussing the Nintendo Direct as a whole" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Skate-AK2282d ago

They released a ton of good info at the direct.

jcnba282282d ago

Zero Suit Samus looks awesome.

Blink_442282d ago

Very excited to play this game. Just wish the Wii U version was releasing at the same time as the 3ds version.

randomass1712282d ago

They probably need more time to work on the online and the exclusive Wii U modes.

Blink_442282d ago

Yeah, will be worth the wait.

Benjaminkno2282d ago

Absolutely worth the wait.

randomass1712282d ago

That's the spirit fellows! Can't wait for both versions. :D

TheTowelBoy2282d ago

Yeah so getting this for both the 3Ds and my soon to be new Wiiu. I'll be maining King Dedede, Zelda, and.. wait for it.. Greninja. Lol he was the pokemon I chose in both my playthroughs of pokemon X so yeah can't wait to play one of my favorite starters from ANY gen. Greninja is badass and I flipped shit when I saw his intro.

randomass1712282d ago

Yeah, Greninja was a great pic. He's such a cool looking Pokemon. :D

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