Newly Launched VGRHQ Gives Game Critics Their Day in the Sun

GameSkinny points out a new website, which just launched and is designed to honor the unsung heroes of the industry: The critics.

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admiralvic2277d ago

Leaving my feelings about Fathom aside, I can't say I am thrilled this news or the sites plan.

Going off my experience as both a writer and a reader, I can tell you that most critics are far from unsung heroes and are just self-serving a******* who act like they're doing the world this great service by writing about games. I mean, I've known sites that refuse to cover a game because they didn't get it for free, sites that refuse to go "above and beyond*" for their readers, will manipulate scores so fans are happy, take / give an absurd amount of points for things that might not necessarily be important to the game (like length being a 3 - 5 point deduction for MGSGZ) and other crazy things, I feel this site will ultimately be like getting a participation award.

I just feel that very little effort will be put forth to honor the people who actually finish games / go above and beyond for their readers and will instead honor people with status, time served and the like. Hopefully I am wrong, though I doubt it.

* I knew some people who went to the CoD Ghost event and got the prestige edition for free. Even though they got the prestige edition for free, I know a few writers that refused to cover the DLC without getting a code from Activision, even though they got a season pass in that edition. To make matters worse, the reasoning was that "it was a gift", so they felt no obligation to do anything besides complain they deserved more.