Prominent Parental Advice Columinst Compares Video Games to Slavery and Meth Addiction, ESA Responds

T1 writes: Gamers – set your phasers to ‘stunned’, and then to angry. Very, very angry. John Rosemond, a prominent author of parental guidance books and a nationally syndicated columnist for The Courant, has caught the attention of the Electronic Software Association for an ill-researched and quite frankly ludicrous response he gave to a concerned parent regarding video games and depression, where he compared games to meth addiction and slavery.

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Majin-vegeta2271d ago

This is stupid and out right disgusting to make a comparison like that.

GarrusVakarian2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I always find it amazing how old geezers in suits like him can have such comprehensive opinions about something that they clearly have very little first-hand experience with, if any at all.

They speak like what they are saying is fact, it is so damn annoying as someone who has been playing videogames since i was a child to hear such clueless, ignorant and misinformed non-gamers talk about games in a negative light.

And he's qualified to give professional parental advice?! Wow......

Eonjay2271d ago

Subsequently, I hear they are hiring 'experts' on Fox News...

hay2271d ago

Yeah, and that 60Hz strobe in the face isn't at fault of producing addicting results at all, let's all blame the devil and frag us some windmills.

Bimkoblerutso2271d ago

Please...for the love of God. I don't care who does it.

Can someone PLEASE get the word out to all these morons that correlation does not imply causation?

randomass1712270d ago

So ignorant and uninformed... I feel so badly for anyone who listens to this man.

iceman062270d ago

@Bimkoblerusto...the sad fact is that he probably doesn't make the same correlation/causation mistakes with things that he is unbiased about. I doubt he goes outside, drops his keys, it rains and from now on he thinks that every time he drops his keys, it's going to rain!!! LOL

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rainslacker2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

What annoys me is that if he were going to make statements such as this, he better be ready to cite some irrefutable proof to his claims. In this case he is not some random forum poster spewing hyperbole, but in a position of authority over the reader. He uses his credentials and people are seeking his advice.

It's highly irresponsible to blame the wrong thing as parents who don't know any better may use his advice instead of seeking actual professional help for their child. The parents concern in this article was valid as to the state of mind of their child, but it's sickening that people that write advice columns would use a parent's concern as a launching pad for their own agendas.

In response to his assertions, I believe the people he claims are slaves or addicts to video games are likely depressed or have an addictive personality regardless of video games, and the video games provide their release from that. In other words, the psychiatric problems came before the video games. Many people abuse drugs for the same reason. It's not wrong to take the games away, but I think what parents will find is that the child will just find another outlet without professional help. However, taking away his video games won't cause a chemical withdrawal like there would be with taking away a video game.

I also believe that there are certainly people addicted to video games, or maybe a particular game...such as an MMO. But the broad sweeping statements he uses to make this comparison are completely ludicrous. Even by his own numbers, "thousands" it is a very small number compared to the millions of people that game on a daily basis. It's like saying 1 person out of a thousand has a cold, and so there is a pandemic.

I'm sure if I said that new parents are addicted to parenting advice books he would be equally as offended.

randomass1712270d ago

Unfortunately he's an example of how misinformation is actually incredibly dangerous. He has the power to legitimately convince people that video games are as horrible as he says. It's akin to people being tricked into not getting abortions when they need one or taking medications they need.

avengers19782271d ago

Is this a joke, first off slavery was and is a horrible horrible thing, that caused countless acts of human suffering... Gaming has none of this. Secondly meth will kill you, ruin what's left of your life, and causes withdraws again gaming will do none of this. In fact gaming is known to increase hand eye coordination and intelligence.
Maybe the next time this guy talks he may want to provide proof of his ridiculous assumptions.

CustardTrout2271d ago

This is why you can't listen to literally everything you read in a parenting book

SniperControl2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

A) This man has no children(if he has, poor sods)
B) This man has never played a computer game in his life.

randomass1712270d ago

^This. There's no way he's ever so much as touched an interactive button.

Nyxus2271d ago

"Video games are proving to be very problematic for teen boys. More and more researchers are coming to the conclusion that they are addictive — not figuratively, mind you, but literally. They are, after all, a form of gambling."

They are? News to me.

KonsoruMasuta2271d ago

Well, he is right, video games can be addictive. There are people who deprive themselves of things like food and sleep because of video games. But almost anything can be addictive nowadays and these people are the minority.

They aren't as bad as he claims they are. Anybody with a brain and self control knows when to stop and give it a rest. I love games, but I never put my whole life on the back burner just to play one.

kneon2271d ago

But the thing is that if you have an addictive personality then there is a good chance you are going to latch on to something, and video games are far from the worst addiction you could have.

iceman062270d ago

But, that means that he is NOT right and he's using the exception as the rule! I don't think video games are any MORE addictive than anything else that is non-addictive. But, since they have become more culturally relevant, they have become yet another vice to turn to for people who have preexisting issues like depression and anxiety disorders.

rainslacker2271d ago

Apparently. I'd really like to see him give some links to this "more and more research", since most of the research says otherwise last time I checked.

ShaunCameron2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

In other words, a teen boy's only purpose in life is to grow up and be a wage-slave with no hobbies working for the benefit of everybody except himself. And video games are just distracting him from his true calling.

avengers19782271d ago

Hey if were not busting our ass to make billionaires more money, who will. Themselves that would be outrageous

stuna12271d ago

Didn't anyone tell yall that videogames are the popular thing to hate on for the time being? Video games have become a major power in the economy in general, and the fact that many can't control it like they would like to, the next best thing is to use it as a scapegoat and give it a black eye!

Video games have manage to infiltrate all facets of everyday life, from books, movies, cooking, shopping etc. etc. But it's made up of such a diverse collection of different individuals from so many walks of life, that it's pretty hard for some to enforce certain restrictions on the industry as a whole, because it's just that diverse. So then you have people like this come out and try to demonize the industry as a whole.

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