Titanfall Was Initially Prototyped on Ratchet & Clank’s Engine

Respawn Entertainment developers have said quite a few times that at outset of the company the team didn’t even have an engine available, which meant that they had to make do with what they could find in order to prototype Titanfall. Apparently one of these elements whas the engine used on the Ratchet & Clank series, as mentioned by GameTrailers host Geoff Keighley.

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WeAreLegion2280d ago

That would have been interesting to see. A Crack in Time was gorgeous!

Rimeskeem2280d ago

Would have given Titanfall a more cartoonish look

LawlessSXE2280d ago

Because the Resistance series was so cartoon-ish, right?

randomass1712280d ago

Just because it's the same engine doesn't mean it has to look cartoony. Look at Source with team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2.

Rimeskeem2280d ago


Sry i was trying to say if they based the graphics off of Ratched and Clank then the game would look cartoonish

TitanUp2280d ago

some people would have been displeased with all the color, you know how those fps guys only like playing dark and grungy games.

MegaRay2280d ago

I am actually the opposite, the reason I hate FPS yet I play games like R&C and oddworld stranger is COLORS (and that what keepin me from the batman newest games and the new tmnt)

Illusive_Man2280d ago

I have 100% faith Titanfall 2 will not only look better, but will play better. Remember this is Respawn's first go at this, and they were using a very outdated Source engine.

Deano73942280d ago

First go at this? They have developed games before you know. A lot of the members of Respawn are ex-Infinity Ward, they know how to make games.

randomass1712280d ago

I think he means how it's the first big project for that specific team of developers. I personally want to see how they perform on their next project as well.

DeadRabbits2280d ago Show
rickybadman2280d ago

The Titanfall documentary is very enlightening. Gives info on how Jason West left the company. And destroys the theory that MS paid to kept the game off of PS4.

Their money probably saved it.

Convas2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

I find it hilarious that you're getting disagrees. Folk don't like the truth it seems.

For the naysayers: RE: Why didn't TitanFall hit PS4?

"A couple different reasons. Essentially, Microsoft was talking with them about Durango very early on and courting them to move Titanfall over to that. They asked Sony if they could talk to them about the next Playstation, but Sony constantly said they weren't ready to discuss. It even mentions Sony were willing to help Respawn to get a Vita version of the game. It mentions that they essentially pleaded with Sony, saying "Listen, things are about to be locked in behind the scenes. If you want this, please talk to us", which Sony again declined.

It also mentions that at a point later in development, Zampella and West sat down with Riccitiello to tell him that they didn't have enough manpower to develop for any consoles other than Xbone and, maybe, PC, and that Respawn was essentially out of money and the game would need to be delayed and that they'd cut single player. EA ended up having to find the funding for the project with a first party, and Microsoft were willing to put up the money to actually finish the game."

Microsoft saved TitanFall. Cry all you want about MS buying exclusives or EA making a mistake by not putting TF on PS4. You have only Sony to blame for that.


mochachino2280d ago

Why did they charge $60 for it then, they've even admitted what everyone is saying. It's not quite a full game.

randomass1712280d ago

Yes it is. Team Fortress 2 is a full game. Titanfall is just as full as any modern multiplayer shooter. It's also a physical retail game from EA. No way they would have sold it for less.

mochachino2279d ago

@ random

TF2 came as part of a 4 game combo which sold for $60.

Obviously Valve understood that it wasn't a stand alone $60 game.

CaptainFaisal2280d ago

Jason West left because of family reasons not because of any problem with the game, microsoft, ea, or anything... i remember this along time ago even before e3 i think it was posted in n4g too.

Kayant2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

"And destroys the theory that MS paid to kept the game off of PS4" - Well actually they did but also they saved the game in the beginning which is why it was a timed exclusive. So probs to MS for that.

Why explains this tweet --->

"The way Respawn saw it, the developer had never agreed to full exclusivity for Titanfall on Xbox platforms, only an exclusive window of up to 13 months. Zampella maintains that the team only found out that EA had turned an exclusive window deal into permanent exclusivity in the summer of 2013, weeks after the game's spectacular showing at E3. The deal was a complicated one as Respawn wasn't dealing directly with Xbox. Instead, terms were negotiated through EA, which signed a larger, overarching partnership deal with Microsoft for the Xbox One. In order to make the economics work and keep Titanfall alive, EA needed a first-party publisher to invest. Xbox was willing to step up and save the project, which turned out to be a wise bet. Xbox now has one of the biggest games of the year as an exclusive to it's platforms, although it lays no claim to any sequels."

randomass1712280d ago

I know, right?! That's a crazy thing to imagine. Wonder what that early build looked like.

cell9892280d ago

should have stayed with that engine, Titanfall would have had better visuals

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