Reports of Vita’s death are greatly exaggerated

BT Games: "Roundly dismissed in the hallowed halls of the internet, Ian Dransfield says that, actually, Sony’s handheld is on a pretty strong footing."

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Delsin_Rowe2656d ago

Ps Vita is doing good, this month US the vita sold 68k MLB the show 2014 while in Japan is doing awesome that it is ahead of ps4 this week selling good with JStart victory and Soul Sacrifice Delta, other. Almost catching to 3DS in Japan.

randomass1712656d ago

Reportedly it sold MORE than 3DS in Japan according to Media Create.

Delsin_Rowe2656d ago

But if you put 3DS, XL, 2DS then vita, tv almost reach their sales but glad Vita could beat the the first 3DS edition by itself.

Tapani2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

@Delsin_Rowe: Vita+TV sold more than all versions 3DS/2DS combined last week.

randomass1712656d ago

I'm a fan of both systems, so I'm just happy to see the two doing as well as they are. First or second place are small bananas in my book. :)

TitanUp2655d ago

keeping thinking about buying a vita for remote play and a few rpg here and there.

i just dont like those memory card prices

fenome2654d ago


Same here, not really into handheld gaming, but being able to play my PS4 games on my work-break has me intrigued. I've put every game they've offered for it on PS+ in my download list, so that's a huge instant game collection right there.

I'm still anxious for a Vita TV western release date because I'll swoop that up the day it's announced.

bothebo2655d ago

I'm sorry are you high? What numbers are we looking at? So selling 68k (which is bad) copies of a sports game justifies calling it a success? I think if you changed your statement to doing well in JAPAN I would jump on board.

MrSwankSinatra2655d ago

selling 68k is not a good thing, by and stretch of the imagination, but then again whatever Sony does is good according to you FAKE sony fans.

GuruMeditation2655d ago

You always have to go and ruin your comments by being rude to a quite varied group of people. They just seem like people who are happy that their favourite handheld is still selling... What's that got to do with the Sony Zealots ("ps4 is the future blah blah etc"). I love my Vita and my PS4, but I'm tired of people calling out every fan for the sins of a vocal minority. By all means, have a jab in jest, that's always welcome. But earnest insults? Not so much.

Hicken2655d ago

How about, instead of trolling, you give reasons for why this or that isn't good? And what the hell is a fake fan?

GdaTyler2655d ago

Actually it was PS3 who sold 68K of MLB the Show...

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Chaos_Raiden2655d ago

No. As long as there are PS Vita fans like us, PS Vita will thrive for a very long time as there are so many great games available on the platform like Gravity Rush, Toukiden: Age of Demons, Muramasa Rebirth, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Persona 4: Golden, and others. Although these games may not look next-gen, what matters is that they are enjoyable to play.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2655d ago

Exactly what you said. People who own Vitas love the thing to death. I can't wait to get my BL2 Vita Slim bundle next month. Along with Sly Collection, P4G,and Killzone Mercenary.

randomass1712655d ago

I think that goes for any owner of any current system lol. I want a Vita and a Wii U, two consoles which according to anyone who owns either is a great console. :)

DualWielding2655d ago

PS Vita is not dead.... but people need to stop with the Indy thing...... I love indy games but a reality is that people don't buy console for indy games.... You can simply not beat Steam prices for indy games and unlike major titles you don't really need a top end computer to run indy games...... people won't buy a console that only has indy games..... fortunately Vita does not only have indy games but it need more exclusives

SpiralTear2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I wish Western developers weren't so scared to death of putting games on this thing. Aside from a few exceptions, the best Vita games are from Japan. I dig the indie support too, but the system is very neglected by Western developers.

randomass1712655d ago

The problem is marketing. Vita reaches a somewhat niche portion of the Sony fanbase and right now the only games they feel are cheap enough to be successful is console ports. The more Vitas get sold, the more games get played, the better the content we'll get. And it's happening! A bunch of Vita games are getting localized. :D