Watch Dogs: Citizens Will Be Fully Simulated to Create the Ultimate Living City

One of reasons Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs' release date was the fact that Chicago wasn’t ready yet. Animation Director Colin Graham and his team used the additional time to solve this “big data problem” and create advanced rules to realistically organize citizens all over the city.

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SuperBlur2275d ago

"if Aiden Pearce is seen in action during criminal events, it will most likely decrease his reputation among civilians and the media. People will believe what they see. So, even if players’ intentions are the best, the result might not be accordingly."

Can't wait to get my hands on this game !

Senyra2275d ago

Yep, the reputation system will be interesting. If you run after criminals and the media catches you, you might even be mistaken for being the bad guy, when you were just trying to be the good one.

randomass1712274d ago

That's an interesting mechanic. Hope the entire mechanic flows smoothly and not jittery like in many stealth games.

GarrusVakarian2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

One of the main things that's attracting me to this game, apart from the main theme of hacking and surveillance, is how much they are focusing on making the city feel alive. I'm the type of person who would just walk around the streets in-game, noticing little things like how civilians react to you and interact with each and appreciating them.

I'm really looking forward to this game.

randomass1712274d ago

The project seems almost TOO ambitious. I'm very curious to see if Ubisoft was able to pull this off smoothly.

DragonKnight2274d ago

Ubisoft needs to stop overselling it or else they're going to be hit really hard when their claims aren't met.

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ATi_Elite2275d ago

So will there be Prostitutes, drug Dealers, bums, and crooked politicians?

SuperBlur2275d ago

bums , not sure, i think ive seen drug dealers profile in one of the dev playthrough, prostitute most likely from seein the esrb rating

Meltic2274d ago

There is bums. Colin said in twitter if i remember right.

gameslayer24112274d ago

I know in one of the first gameplay reveals, (Like 14 minutes long or so.) There were homeless people, or a homeless person, profiled with aidens phone showed that he was an iraq war veteran with 0$ income. so rather interesting to see how many there will be.

randomass1712274d ago

Well then it will be Watch GTA.

Edsword2274d ago

After all, what is Chicago with out crooked politicians? There needs to be union mobs and gun control laws that favor the criminals too.

Ashunderfire862274d ago

If you saw that story trailer, it looks like the main bad guy has a sex trafficking operation going on. Then there is the black guy who is the leader of a gang(Drugs will definitely play a role too). Bums are also on the street too. How about crooked cops as well, and maybe some government officials are in the game.

MysticStrummer2274d ago

"Fully simulated" would mean a lot more going on than what will be in this game.

I can't stand marketing talk. Just let the game speak for itself.

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Magicite2274d ago

OMG my PC isnt ready!

TitanUp2273d ago

i love infamous second son one of my gripes with the game the city felt dead at times.

citizens just seem to be doing the exact same thing in every area never changing their set path.

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waltyftm2274d ago

The npc in this sound terrific, looking forward to stalking people.

Blackleg-sanji2274d ago

every new detail makes me that more excited

Meltic2274d ago

Ofc day 1 buy. Cant wait to hear what the people is talking about in the game and all things you can do will keep me satisfied many many hours. Hopefully ubisoft wont screw this up. Hope the story is good too.

randomass1712274d ago

It's because Ubisoft is doing it that I feel I have to approach it with caution. They're not the most trustworthy publisher in the world.

MADNJPN2274d ago

At first I thought that my PC would handle this game but after all those trailers and posts with PC requirements I decided to gear up with i7 and 2 GTX760's :D I hope I wont be disappointed..

Saryk2274d ago

I think your ok. Hope you got more that 2mb of ram though! LOL!

Meltic2274d ago

lol ur ok but keep in mind that e3 2012 Watch dogs was running on 2 gtx 680 only. I Think the specs is abit overdrive just do sell nvidia stuff. Just like far cry 3.

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