The Evil Within: Why the Game Will Be Really Scary

Vgamerz writes: "There’s been a lot of talking lately about the upcoming The Evil Within and the fact that it will actually fail as a horror game. Even our own Editor in Chief, Marta, wrote an article on why the game can’t scare anyone. But I beg to differ: The Evil Within will actually be a really scary game! Because there’s more to it than catches the eye when watching a trailer, a demo or reading about it."

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Dustinf112276d ago

I hope so. I at least hope it plays good and doesn't have all the goofy resident evil cliches and over tones. Ill need a good ps4 game come august.

finito822276d ago

i sure hope its scary, most thriller games fall flat.

CrossingEden2276d ago

I've seen a lot of footage of this game and absolutely none of it scared me at all. So much blood and gore, so little actual scares.

MehmetAlperTR2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

The game itself is made by Shinji Mikami ( The Creator of a Resident Evil 1-2-3-4-Code Veronica- 1 Remake and Zero ). And i read a lot of his interviews. He said if we feel fear when we play the game, then he will be happy. He come back to scare us, thats the only reason he said. After he left the Resident Evil, survival horror was dead, he said. If you were played any of those games that i mention which Mikami san did well, you ll understand what i mean. And about the footages you've seen ( all about 10 minutes ), they are not much. The game was created by ID TECH 5 Engine. So the graphics will be also scarry too. Shinji Mikami will not fail us, like the cRapCom did with RE5 and RE6 for sure.

nerdman672275d ago

I think it is unfair to judge a horror game when we only see demos.
You cannot get a good representation on what it is about until you try it

on_line_forever2275d ago (Edited 2275d ago )

this game will fail and you will see

because he take crapcoom route and focus to make it look like resident evil 4 .

he really disappoint me .

we old school fans look for something look like resident evil ( 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 and code veronica ) not for another action horror bloody gore game .

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