2014 Sony 4K Televisions to Include PlayStation Now, Can Stream PS3 Games In 4K

SonyRumors: The 2014 Sony 4K television fleet will include PlayStation Now, allowing for PS3 games to be streamed directly to the TV and upcoverted to 4K resolution.

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rarity2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

That's amazing! I wish I had the money for a 4k TV though.

GryestOfBluSkies2273d ago

the low end sony 4k tv will cost about as much as a high end 1080p tv.... granted its still a lot at $2200...but its been dropping. im looking forward to see what black friday will bring

Skate-AK2273d ago

That would be really cool. Sony is going to really be pushing Playstation now.

Kanedas_Bike2273d ago

So the working man will be able to buy 4K in about 2yr while drug dealers can have it now.

GTgamer2273d ago

Well i guess we'll have to be a drug dealer always wanted to move that weight all.

Skate-AK2273d ago

You don't have to sell drugs to have that money. People up here work in Barrow and drive trucks down the Dalton Highway. They can make 50k in 12 weeks.

izumo_lee2273d ago

Now if i only had 5K to buy a 4K TV.......(sigh)

Majin-vegeta2273d ago

Not really Sony will have a 4k tv almost for anyone who can afford one :].

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