Face2Face: H1Z1 has a chance to kick DayZ

DayZ is buggy as hell and we can expect "Beta stage" at the end of 2014. I want to play finished and polished zombie survival MMO and H1Z1 is a great candidate to kick DayZ. Everything we know about H1Z1 is enough to be interested.

Here´s why I think H1Z1 will beat DayZ.

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Axonometri2274d ago

Yeah, when this was first announced, I was not at all interested, but something made me decide to check it out and I'm glad I did! There is something different in how this looks and feels. Will enjoy seeing more.

life282274d ago

I love the way they are presenting it. ARG, hidden morse codes, hints and cooperation with Reddit community with suggestions requests are great

Revvin2274d ago

After WarZ I'm cautiously optimistic about this one as it has Sony behind it using tried and tested technology they have used in another game. Bohemia are in serious risk of blowing the opportunity they had in DayZ because Rocket has wasted too much time tinkering with the UI and giving us useless features like being able to change trousers and shirts independently and not core features like being able to make a camp and stash loot.