PSN Maintenance Confirmed, 5.30pm-11.30pm BST, Easter Monday

Apparently Sony were not listening, the PSN is going to be offline on Easter Monday, albeit for six hours rather than twelve.

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TomShoe2276d ago

For anyone before they start complaining:

Just log in before the maintenance starts and you'll be able to play for the maintenance time.

rdgneoz32276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Yep. If you logged in today, you're fine for Monday. And seeing as its a Monday, the store doesn't get anything new till the following day so if there's anything you want to buy on Monday, you can get it today. .

Volkama2276d ago

Ah the pain of having a dimwit in a position to make decisions.

Let's make our own people work the bank holidays, so that we can disrupt service at a peak time when most of our customers are home! Yes. Good thinking.

OrangePowerz2276d ago

Let's stay calm, what it does mainly is not make the store accessible. Playing works for the most of the time when they have a maintenance.

ZombieDust2276d ago

Wow very bad move... Now I dont have ps4 but I would be quite angry if the one day I have nothing to do, a day a could just play video games, was denied because of maintenence that could have been done at a time when less people would be online.

Reminds me of the ahole street cleaners this morning that decided a good time to do so was during morning rush when everyone is trying to get to work instead of being smart and doing it a few hours later.

Utalkin2me2276d ago


What does playing games have to do with the store and account management being offline?

ZombieDust2276d ago

Oops I guess I should read next time, my bad.... Nevermind my comment then.

TitanUp2276d ago

im ok with this downtime, will spend the day with my family at the local park.

rextraordinaire2276d ago

It's not like they're gonna brick our consoles on monday. Games will still work. And if you can't go online, play a single player game then.

Or, I don't know, go to the movies or something.

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