Evolve Hands-On: "Incredibly Fun" - Worlds Factory

Worlds Factory:
"After playing Evolve at PAX East, I can say this is shaping like an awesome game to play with your tight group of friends. It might be the next gen co-op shooter you've been waiting for."

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TheUltimateGamer2270d ago

I'm really looking forward to this one. Glad to hear its living up to my expectations :)

kaiserfranz2270d ago

There hasn't been a game like Left 4 Dead since. Hopefully they can hit once again!

WeAreLegion2270d ago


Killing Floor is pretty darn good. And PayDay 1/2. They definitely took inspiration from Left 4 Dead though.

Festano2270d ago

As a lover of the genre, I can not wait to try this game.

micx2270d ago

The next big thing in "co-op".

WeAreLegion2270d ago

Turtle Rock is awesome. Can't wait!

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