PS Vita in Top Spot This Week, Titanfall Has Poor Debut With Xbox 360 Sales Still Low

Media Create and Famitsu software and hardware sales from last week have been released today, which will give us a good look into the overall sales of last week’s Japanese market.

Here’s the software charts between April 7th and April 13th.

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Reviews2Go1917d ago

I suppose that's not terribly surprising Titanfall hasn't done well in Japan. I don't think the Xbox ever did really well there, other than when RPGs came out on it.

Glad to see the PS Vita getting up there :)

randomass1711916d ago

360 was called a failure in Japan pretty early, but there is a small dedicated group of people playing it. Kinda like GCN or Wii U and Nintendo fans.

nypifisel1916d ago

I'm sorry but the failure that is the 360 in Japan is not even close the success of the GCN or Wii U in comparison. The 360 sells in their hundreds (lol) each week. In a country of nearly 130 million people. We're 9 million in Sweden and 360 moves more units by far here than in Japan.

lilbroRx1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Failure = no profit.

The GC made a profit and the Wii U will eventually make a profit.

From the beginning losses to now the PS3, on the other hand, still hasn't made an overall profit. I believe the Xbox has been breaking even overall but that its lost a little on the manufacturing side(which is why Microsoft was looking to sell off the Xbox division not to long ago.)

Some fanboys have a twisted view of what failure and success is.

DarthZoolu1916d ago

I don't care about what happens in Japan. The West leads gaming now.

DCfan1916d ago

With DLCs, day 1 DLC, microtransactions and more DLCs.

lilbroRx1916d ago

You do know that two of the three major game console makers are Japanese right? And that the highest selling games in history are Japanese right?

Azic1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )


nix1917d ago

"Titanfall Has Poor Debut With Xbox 360" in Japan.

don't panic people.

Farsendor11917d ago

sales are down across the board in japan, maybe once the consumers get used to the tax hike they will buy consoles and games.

randomass1711916d ago

Yeah, EVERYTHING sold a lot less in Japan due to the tax issue. Even 3DS and Vita are down and those are monster sellers in Japan.

DevilishSix1916d ago

It's not just because of the tax, though it does not help, but Japan's economy is in trouble right now.

UnHoly_One1916d ago

Dualshockers typical click bait headlines.

Blastoise1917d ago

And everything is right with the world

porkChop1917d ago

So was the Vita TV DOA? I never heard much about it after it released. Glad to see the Vita itself doing great, it deserves good sales.

OrangePowerz1916d ago

It doesn't have the remote play yet for PS4.

Protagonist1916d ago


Heh, did not know that

nope1111916d ago

Yeah, releasing a home device to play portable games in JAPAN was destined to fail.

If the Vita TV released outside Japan i think it would've performed better.

Oh well, glad to see the Vita picking up on sales.

Hicken1916d ago

I think the bigger problem is the lack of compatibility, particularly with Vita games. Dunno how that managed to happen, but it's a major oversight.

Knushwood Butt1916d ago

All new games are compatible. Some of the older stuff isn't, like Killzone.

I was hoping Ridge Racer would get patched but it doesn't look likely now.

Still, PS4 Remote Play shouldn't be far off. I'm enjoying using a DS4 with my Vita TV.

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The story is too old to be commented.