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Nick Walge: Having never played much of the previous entries in the Trials franchise, I came into this review with tempered expectations. How much mileage could you possibly get out of the game’s simple physics-based motorcycle racing? Well, several hours later and with tired eyes, I am here to tell you that Trials: Fusion is a fiendishly difficult and addictive puzzle/racing hybrid that promises hours upon hours of immensely satisfying gameplay.

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KnottaTroll2277d ago

The game is very addicting but I don't think it's a perfect 10. At least the price point was spot on. I ended up buying the $19.99 ps4 version seeing no need in getting the season pass yet with no DLC available. I'll actually save a whole $.01 when a do decide to add the season pass.

TitanUp2277d ago

don't buy season passes, i just buy the dlc i want and the dlc i dont want i dont have to be stuck with it.

GhostTurtle2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Game is not worth a 10. Its fun as hell but somewhat disappointed. Not nearly as much content as Evolution and no online. Uplay servers suck.

Skate-AK2276d ago

Thinking about getting the physic version of the game. I just prefer discs.