PlayStation Store Easter Sale Gets 21 New Games; Prices Slashed by Up to 83%

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe updated the list of the games offered in PlayStation Store Easter Sale announced last week, adding 21 new titles for PS3 and PS Vita, with prices cut by up to 83%.

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DualWielding2278d ago

will there be a NA Easter sale?

Abriael2278d ago

Prices are also in dollars, but I think they just forgot the A of Australian Dollars (Australia is part of Europe according to Sony)

Goro2278d ago

That's because Australia & Europe are both PAL regions.

zeee2278d ago

Still waiting for the sale in U.S.

Baccra172278d ago

Can we start putting the territories these sales apply to in the title?

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Nekroo912278d ago

at least drop the price of ps4 games

randomass1712277d ago

Why? Most of those are pretty new and sell well.

XxExacutionerxX2277d ago

Would love to pick up Killzone Shadow Fall for 19.99

Goro2278d ago

Disappointed there's still never been a sale on R&C Trilogy in Europe when it's been on Sale 3 times in the US now, once for only $2.50...

esemce2278d ago

Yeah thats a really crap sale, USA got way better sales.

May as well wait for stuff to hit PSN+.

Kingthrash3602278d ago

yes our sales have been great...but god knows how many times i've wish i had EU's ps+ deals..i'm still waiting for a far cry 3 free ps+ i'd say its even.

randomass1712277d ago

Yeesh, sounds like Europe got the short end of the stick on that one. :/

goku2278d ago

Still no sale on MGS peace walker HD even dough 2 and 3 are on sale.

randomass1712277d ago

That's very odd. Why only 2 & 3 and not Peace Walker?

xBigxBossx2278d ago

I just want the nhl 14 for dirt cheap

DefenderOfDoom22277d ago

to xBigxbossx . u could of picked up NHL 14 for 29.99 at EA flash sale about a month ago ! GAMESPOT still charging 52bucks new! that was a great deal for me!!

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The story is too old to be commented.