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"You Will Never See The Same Thing Twice, Guaranteed,” Says Watch Dogs Animation Director

T1 - Ubisoft Animation Director, Colin Graham, has confirmed via the Ubiblog that the animations in Watch Dogs are so varied and diverse that players “will never see the same thing twice, guaranteed.”

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Community2310d ago
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R00bot2310d ago

This is really interesting.
A game that constantly recycles the same animations really pulls me out of the experience.

ZodTheRipper2310d ago

Guaranteed? That's a big word, I don't think he should use that ...we're not quite there yet.

theXtReMe12310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

They are using procedural generation for a lot of the animations. So when he says you never see the same thing twice, he's probably right. He said they have over 3000 different profiles in the cities that can combine randomly to create new people. So a John Smith and a Brenda Johnson may turn into a Brad Johnson and Brenda Smith. With different occupations, different lifestyles, etc.

Watch the long video from PAX East 2014 and you will see exactly what he is talking about. How people react to not only you, but to other people around them. That is all recorded footage from the PS4 dev kit running via a video on the PC in front of the screen. So no, it's not PC footage, that is exactly what the PS4 game is going to look like.

Though the footage is blurry, you can see how high-quality the visuals are and you can see the reactions of people in any given situation.

Naga2310d ago

... That moment when someone says something so grandiose that it casts doubt on everything else they said on the matter.

Magicite2310d ago

I hope this game lives up to the hype. We need innovations.

hay2310d ago

While mathematically 3000 generated variations might never be equal to another, human brain is waaay above this capacity when it comes to filtering out similarities.

TitanUp2310d ago

not sure if that promise will hold up.

randomass1712310d ago

Yeah, they can't guarantee something like that for a game that's on current and previous generation platforms.

cfc782310d ago

Maybe he knows something we don't.

andibandit2310d ago

wonder if all that processing power into animations means the npc dialog is equally varied or they all say something like "..then I took an arrow to the knee"

MysticStrummer2310d ago

Agreed. The headline only made me think of other grandiose dev claims that didn't pan out in reality. I think there should be an entry in Urban Dictionary about it…

Molyneux - A claim made about a feature or features of an unreleased pc or console game that won't appear in the final product. Can refer to the claim or the phantom feature itself.

On the bright side, since it's guaranteed, we can all demand a full refund the first time we see something repeated. Of course we won't get that refund, but we can demand it anyway. ; )

I will (almost) guarantee we'll all see things repeated in the game.

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TruthInsider 2310d ago

I'll take him up on that, ok mister £1000 says you're talking out of your ass!

DigitalAnalog2310d ago

I like how the director emphasises this as "next-gen" features but forgets that this is a cross-gen game. What of the PS3/360 versions? Are they getting "next-gen" treatment too?

Ashunderfire862309d ago

Just like The Lords of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor, Watchdogs's PS3/360 version will get gimped, because both consoles have limitations. The only reason why next gen is getting these features, because developers can push more stuff in these next gen versions than last gen.

HugoDrax2310d ago

"A game that constantly recycles the same animations really pulls me out of the experience."

Cough! Cough! THIEF!

Fun stealth game, but boy was I over seeing his hands reach in and steal the loot every time. It was the same animation, over and over and over smh.

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stragomccloud2310d ago

I don't know... every time he whips out his phone, kinda' looks like the same animation to me.

Delsin_Rowe2310d ago

He lied, the phone, animation and the cake.

Bugz2310d ago

-_- you're kidding right....

the game has several thousand different character profiles, 100 hacks, lots of different vehicles, Possibly varied parkour moves

And you pick on the animation of pulling a phone from his pocket....which to be honest i don't know how many ways you can pull a phone from a pocket without go to the extreme!

stragomccloud2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I was joking. More specifically, I was being facetious. Apparently the people who disagreed with me didn't get that.

Heisenburger2310d ago

Do you remember those little finger skateboard toys that were popular several years ago?

Lol I was imagining Aiden pulling out his phone and flipping it around with his fingers like one of those skateboard toys. Lol trying to do ollies and kick flips. Haha

randomass1712310d ago

Next generation phone pulling animation! Only in Watch Dogs! lol I kid. I'm sure there will be a lot of variety. It's just a big claim on Ubisoft's part.

wonderfulmonkeyman2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Scenario: you're standing on one leg.
On the seat of a bicycle riding in circles while balanced on the back of that giant mecha-spider we saw during one of the videos of the game.
As this is all going on, you look at a random kid licking his ice cream on the street below, whip the phone out, point at him with it, and say "Bang!" as the ice cream falls out of his hands and his jaw drops.

Then proceed to use your phone as normal.


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hankmoody2310d ago

Will they refund my $$$ if I happen to see the same thing twice?

Audiggity2310d ago


...but the refund must be processed through UPlay. So, Ubisoft will never actually issue a refund.

hankmoody2310d ago

Ooooh maybe I'll get enough U Points to dress up Aidan like Altair!

Audiggity2310d ago

Or... perhaps you can cash in points for ring tones and wallpapers for your in-game phone!

Serious note: I have SO many UPlay points built up and waiting for the first game that I really want to spend them on. Far Cry 4?

Maybe they'll replace bitcoin and I'll be a millionaire!

randomass1712310d ago

Dude, I drove to Valve's corporate building and demanded a refund at gunpoint when I saw similar zombie death animations in Left 4 Dead 2. Totally worth it. D:<

Double_Oh_Snap2310d ago

Big words, now prove it. Guess we will find out soon. So freaking excited for this game.

rashada072310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Definitely a "Peter Molyneux" kind of statement lol we will see.

Audiggity2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

It certainly is. Colin Graham will claim that he was actually possessed by Molyneux before making this statement.

psych2310d ago

Sounded more like a Randy Pitchford statement to me.