Ubisoft Apologizes for Watch_Dogs Nexus 7 Tablet Freebie Given to Press: “Not in Line with Policies”

Yesterday DualShockers reported that Ubisoft gave an undisclosed number of Asus Nexus 7 tablets to members of the press as part of an “asset kit” during a recent Watch_Dogs preview event in Paris.

Ubisoft’s Communication Manager Alberto Ziello responded to DualShockers' inquiry on the event and confirmed what happened, relaying the company’s apology and specifying that that kind of freebie isn’t in line with its PR policies.

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GeofferyPeterson1866d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

And in other news....
Wow that was approved with astonishing speed! Wish I had that kind of clout around here. :/

pedrof931866d ago

The game won't fail, I think it will be amazing.

randomass1711865d ago

Too much hype to fail. I'll be very surprised if I hear otherwise.

Farsendor11865d ago

they only apologized because they got called out for it.

im buying watch dogs limited edition day 1 so im excited for the game but ubisoft is a company and they want to look good for the masses.

ramiuk11865d ago

i got mine preordered from tesco UK for £32 delivered

3-4-51865d ago

You don't Accidentally do something like this.

This goes through MANY PEOPLE to be approved, so multiple people KNEW what they were doing.

* It's Ubisoft so what do you expect. They make some great games but they are kind of shady.

This isn't their first issue.

randomass1711865d ago

Yeah Ubisoft is pretty shady. They are a big name corporation after all. Not saying all corporations are like this, but shady business practices is not something I would put past them.

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pedrof931866d ago

Abriel you didn't get one right ? And you were there ?

Abriael1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I wasn't there. Since I work for an American site i don't get invited to all the Euro events. You have no idea how much of an headache that causes when PRs read my address in my mails and start bouncing me between American, European and Italian branches ^_^;;;

If I was offered one I'd have refused, as it's against my personal work ethics to accept swag that isn't directly related to the game I'm covering, or that isn't a review product in itself.

IE: if Ubisoft gives me a Watch_Dogs T-shirt, that's fine. If Sony gives me a Morpheus to review it, that's fine. If Ubisoft offers me a car to make me experience Aiden Pierce's driving skills (yeah sure) it's not :D

Mind you, the biggest freebie I was ever offered was a Geralt of Rivia puzzle... I did accept that one though >_>

Volkama1865d ago

Aha puzzle-bribe, I am never buying a Witcher game again! Except The Witcher 3, cos that will be amazing.

Abriael1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

@Volkama: I'll definitely give the Witcher 3 a 10 due to that puzzle.

Mind you. During that event I was shown gameplay in action. I was tempted to pull out the wallet and throw it at the dude presenting it, but I refrained... barely.

GeofferyPeterson1865d ago

Good thing you didn't, it would have crushed him.

Abriael1865d ago

@GeofferyPeterson: I wish my wallet was that heavy :P

Volkama1865d ago

With the weight of all the credit cards. Gaming is not a cheap hobby!

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brightlight1865d ago

One might say that they have been ... soft on this one.

morganfell1865d ago

“Not in Line with Policies”

"Normally we purchase and overpay for a gross amount of advertising from companies such as IGN, rather than directly bribing the writers."

starchild1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Evidence? There is nothing wrong with advertising, so I assume you are implying that Ubisoft's advertising dollars cause sites to give dishonest favorable reviews of Ubisoft games.

Reviews for Ubisoft games have generally always been more or less in line with my own opinions of their games. I see no evidence of Ubisoft games being overrated by the gaming press.

randomass1711865d ago

^That's not really proof. I don't even disagree with you, I think a lot of reviews are bribed for publishers' benefits. But a random forum post with an unconfirmed source is not really 'proof' per se.

morganfell1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Haven't been gaming long, have you? I say this because it is obvious you do not know what happened with Gerstmanngate. This isn't an unconfirmed post. When it occurred it was the biggest story in the game indistry for a month. It was a huge affair in the gaming community. Gamespot almost closed its doors.


Do I need to keep going?

GentlemenRUs1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

UBISOFT PR stunt right there! Also another PR stunt to say it was “Not in Line with Policies”...

Man the devs/pr team of today make me SICK.

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