Arc System Works Teasing Probable New BloodRayne Game with Lovely Anime-style Rayne; Reveal on 4/23

BlazBlue developer Arc System Works just sent in a press release teasing a new game codenamed BRCS to be revealed on April 23rd.

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BlackWolf1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

That's Rayne, allright. Well, nice to see this series return (or at least, that's what they're trying).

Abriael1864d ago

I sure like THIS Rayne more :D

randomass1711864d ago

Hope she's still voiced by Laura Bailey! :D

nidhogg1864d ago

Ohohohoho THAT PLOT! hahaha kidding, I hope this will be good. hmmm maybe they are making a castlevania-ish bloodrayne or a 3rd platformer with anime art. anything is fine with me. been quite a time since I last spent time with Rayne. :)

Abriael1864d ago

I think it'll be a fighting game. CS could stand for Continuum Shift, which could be a an homage to BlazBlue.

Mikefizzled1864d ago

Hopefully will come to MS platforms.Hope that Chrono Phantasma was a one off.

NovusTerminus1864d ago

Chrono Phantasma was to come to Xbox, only reason they didn't do it was size (game is 11gigs due to the 30 hour story.) and they didn't want to compress it.

DCfan1864d ago

They clearly have no interest in the 360 lol
If its about the size, then how do you explain the Vita port with the small cartridge?

Mikefizzled1864d ago

The Vita cartridges are around 4gb but the closest to it was Blazblue Continuum shift Extend which was 3.1gb. There is lots of ways to make games smaller storage wise. Like the low resolution screen of 960×544 and lower power graphics. Lower resolution character models and texture, lower resolution cinematics.

NovusTerminus1864d ago


He stated that the quality on the Vita is "acceptable for a portable game" but it has been compressed, but he would not do that to the home console version of the game.

randomass1711864d ago

Making a Vita port doesn't mean they're uninterested in other port platforms.

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DCfan1864d ago

Probably, but it seems that ArcSys isn't interested in MS platforms anymore, BBCP, P4U and Guilty Gear Xrd aren't releasing on MS platforms.

Inception1864d ago

BloodRayne with the style of Hardcorps Uprising? Do want!

But whatever it is, i'm in! :D

randomass1711864d ago

Same here. Rayne's been missing for too long.

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