Fanboys are Chemically in Love With Their Consoles

If you've ever wondered why fanboys can behave like such unbelievable jerks, as surely anyone who's ever looked at an Internet comments thread has pondered, then this might come as a revealing insight: chemically, fanboys are basically in love with their consoles on a brain-chemical level. Diss their beloved Xbox, or Playstation, or whatever else, and it's like you're calling their girlfriend ugly to their face.

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PSNintyGamer3741d ago

99% of the Gaming World figured this out a long time ago

randomass1713741d ago

Kind of creepy when you think about it though...

ArchangelMike3741d ago

"...in fact when we look at addictive behaviour, we find that people become addicted to products. The sight and touch of the product gives them a dopamine high.

So when you try to argue with a fanboy, you're causing them to behave as if you're criticising an actual person that they love? "Absolutely," he says."

OMG! I've got a second woman in my life... my wife was right all this time.

*whispers* Don't worry PS4 I'll love you forever...

ddkshah3741d ago

yikes that's sort of me and Sony's gadgets. No other company gives that feel of a dopamine rush than Sony's gadgets do for me. I own a Vaio Flip 14, Z1 Compact, G-Tank speakers, NEX 5n, and PS3/4/Vita. I adore each and every one of these products and couldn't find better elsewhere.

randomass1713741d ago


lol! Sometimes when I get into debates with people it honestly feels like that sort of offense to them. But that comes with all that passion I guess.

Matt6663741d ago

As a gamer I own many different consoles for the exclusive games on each console and I enjoy each console as much as the next. I have no preference on a console.

Gazondaily3741d ago

You're basically like a bachelor then according to this article.

LackTrue4K3741d ago

I feel the same whenever I open box of new electronics/games!!
Just feel like I need to back up any product I buy?!?
Like my 19" Alienware monitor/my PlayStation Puls headsets/my PlayStstion4/ or my Zune HD/ or even my in ear Astro A-Stars....I just love my electronics!


Jeebus3741d ago

A lot of this is simply confirmation bias as well. None of this information is particularly new, and neither are the behaviors. Politics, products, cars, homes, etc.. Everyone tends to fall wildly in love with their choices because they've made them, and it makes things easier than admitting you maybe chose the wrong console/car/clothes and so on.

FragMnTagM3741d ago

Love my Zune HD. Still the best music player in my opinion.

frostypants3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Everything the brain does is electro-chemical. Kind of a silly headline. As for the story, it basically only states that people's tendency to love their consoles is the same as their tendency to love any other product. Why would it be different? Yes, people like things and get addicted to things.

Not really breaking news.

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Reviews2Go3741d ago

Many people are just too into the drama and debate. I'm glad I'm one of those people that likes everything, for different reasons. I love the Vita, but I also love the 3DS, both for different reasons.

randomass1713741d ago

High five! I'm the same way. I'm primarily a Sony guy, but I love me some 3DS and I want to get a Wii U. :)

Beastforlifenoob3741d ago

Yeah i saw this group of fanboys raping this guy on N4g because he argued when they said Mario KArt 8 was the best looking game this entire gen.

Stay away from dem nintendo fanboys that lurk, in the darkest most hideous place of N4G the wii u section

Benjaminkno3741d ago


A pill that helps you through gaming withdrawal...

an anti-infan-a-boy... ... ee...

Brought to you by more than one console.

Use as directed.

randomass1713741d ago

Directions: Smash bottle over your head and proceed to run around the neighborhood naked and screaming like a madman.

DarkLord10033741d ago

I guess this works with every object. Cars, bikes, smart phones

nope1113741d ago

I want to do naughty things to my Vita.