Final Fantasy XIV passes the 2 million subscriber mark

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has surpassed 2 million registered accounts globally, Square Enix has announced today. With the launch of the PS4 version this week, along with players on both PC and PS3, FFXIV marks one of the biggest cross-platform MMOs to date.

Previously it was revealed the game retains on average 500,000 daily users as well.

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iamtehpwn1861d ago

Oddly enough, despite it's an MMO, it is actually the best Final Fantasy Square Enix has released in years. Possibly since X.

izumo_lee1861d ago

Totally agree with you there.

Been playing it for 3 months now & from someone like me who usually doesn't care for MMO's this game won me over.

It captures the history of the franchise by giving the player a nostalgic feeling. From the classic Final Fantasy theme, to recognizable enemies & bosses, it is a love letter to fans of the series that grew up with it.

Also the game is kick ass fun.

pedrof931860d ago

Didn't this game failed when it lauched ?

Good for having it as a Playstation console exclusive.

CernaML1860d ago

^The original FFXIV was a giant pile of fail.

A Realm Reborn is x1000 better.

joab7771860d ago


Yeah FF14 1.0 wasnt that good. But it came back strong with a Realm Reborn.

I just started a week ago and I love it. I am glad to hear its doing so well. I hope it maintains. I had my worries but it is amazing. I love the keyboard and mouse on the PS4.

randomass1711860d ago

Is this MMO F2P or do you pay a subscription? That will probably be what I use to decide if I play it.

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Godmars2901861d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Between mandatory grinding and the need for social interaction to "enjoy" the game, that all I see of it says its more about the series's history, still have urge to touch it.

Actually considering the dropping quality of Square titles, how is it surprising that an MMO manages come off looking better especially when its relying on older, better, games? Exploiting nostalgia?

Farsendor11860d ago

if anyone goes into an mmorpg thinking of not playing with anyone else its not your genre.

hay1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Actually there's nothing more in this game than nostalgia. It feels like a modern, multiplayer FF5 with worse Job system(yeah, I know...).

Visuals are really good, but it's below average when it comes to MMO market. While you can play solo here, gameplay and leveling is so stretched it defeats the purpose of having 50 levels, 20 would be enough, but then again, justifying +2 level expansions would be too difficult. You need a party to help you not to go to sleep. Most basic skills require several seconds to be reused it makes the "active" in the battle system a bit of a joke.

Whole game is basically a Guild Wars 2 rip-off mechanically, with a bit more tardy gameplay, so you're better off playing GW2.

Two month gaming cards are no accident, they want to leech as much as possible before people got bored within first month... And with an update go back to it, be bored within next few weeks, and so on.

Please also note the crowd FF14 is winning. Those are people who usually "did not care about MMOs", therefore did not knew the good ones.

It's a pretty much MMO Call of Duty demography or people who got hooked on the improvement from total crap.

Nostalgy and visuals.

randomass1711860d ago

Nostalgia that fans have been craving? That's not a bad thing.

sGIBMBR1859d ago


You couldn't be more wrong, having played my fair share of MMO's and having absolutely no loyalties to the FF series at all, I love this game, it's so much fun.

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Magicite1860d ago

They should improve combat responsiveness and game will be perfect.
But it seems a wow killer is born.

randomass1711860d ago

What sets apart the MMOs from the standard RPG ones? Would anyone be kind enough to shed some light on that? I've yet to play a FF game but someone was kind enough to recommend I play X/X-2 HD. Would it be worth trying this game out as well?

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Zynga1860d ago

I hope it does better. Its an amazing game and can't stop playing it. So much to do but so little time for me during the day. Also the game is so beautiful on the PS4.

mochachino1860d ago

Its actually a very good game, and so far the best next-gen console RPG.

Very happy with my PS4 purchase, only a few months in and I already have a lot of quality games spanning almost all the genres, many of which are console brand exclusives.

randomass1711860d ago

I'll hopefully get a chance to play it as well when I get my PS4. Been interested in playing more RPGs, even if this is technically an MMO.

djplonker1860d ago

I remember before it came out they said they would need 500k subs I am glad to see its doing so well!

baraka0071860d ago

it's good! play it now!

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