Hegemony Rome Preview I Expansive

In a room, on a wooden table, lies a map. A map representing early Europe, stretching as far north as Britannia and as far south as the edge of Tarraconesis (what is now North East Spain) and the northern edge of the Roman Empire, Italy. The maps’ main focus is Gallia or Lugdunensis, Belgica, Narbonensis, Aquitania and the smaller of the Germanic lands, Germania inferior and superior.

Ever educational, video games have the ability to throw you deeply into exciting areas of history allowing you to experience life from different aspects. Hegemony Rome Rise of Cesar, the sequel to Hegemony Gold Wars of Ancient Greece, is no exception. The aim? Plotting Julius Cesar’s decade long struggle against the Gauls. A period of history where my own knowledge was completely founded by reading Asterix the Gaul and general Roman outlook built upon by playing the likes of Rome Total War and watching the TV series Spartacus

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