Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details and First Look at Car Interiors

From GameVerb: Some brand new details have been revealed about Watch Dogs, including the online multiplayer modes and interior perspective for cars. Also, let’s recap Watch Dogs’ visit to PAX East 2014.

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Ashunderfire861863d ago

Best 11 minute info on Watchdogs I ever seen. Guys recommend it, you won't be disappointed.

KnightRobby1863d ago

Thank you! Means the world to me man! :)

vishmarx1862d ago

is this this really the newer build?

Farsendor11862d ago

hopefully you are right about the aliens and spider mech thing being set in AR. hacking people to get their cars is new usually you can grab the car and take it anywhere this is another good piece of information.

have the limited edition pre ordered on ps4

Derekvinyard131863d ago

Love the smartphone in this game. Wonder what that green tab is?

1nsomniac1863d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

2 whole minutes of complete guff before starting. Is that really necessary?

I would like to know where they're getting their info from. Some is clearly legit but it seems they're basing 1st person driving & in-car dashboard off the fact that some screenshots show it from within a cutscene.

As far as I'm aware Ubisoft still haven't confirmed if the image with the xbox controls was actually xbox or just an xbox overlay either.

Personally I still do not believe the claim that the PAX footage was not a PC & was actually from a PS4 devkit. Simply because it looks absolutely nothing like the previous footage we've seen there's a clear night & day difference. So unless the whole downgrade debacle has made them seriously pull there socks up & get stuff done then I'm going to stick with it being a high end PC, running high end PC footage!

A lot of the stuff they are claiming seems like they're plucking it out of thin air.

moomoo3191862d ago

it seems that multiple sources including ubisoft and its employees have confirmed that PAX was PS4 footage. it is not too hard to believe either lol

rocky0475861862d ago

"Simply because it looks absolutely nothing like the previous footage we've seen there's a clear night & day difference."

Right, the difference was literally night and day! That's why! It wasn't night time and raining in the other footage! I'm glad the footage looks so good that you have to question whether it's a high end PC or a PS4. It's PS4 they aren't going to blatantly lie like that with the high risk of getting caught.

So, I remember you saying that stuff about how the game looks so downgraded and now you're backtracking and saying this is PC footage. Not looking good on your part bro. Don't be so skeptical, there was never a downgrade, just difference in a bunch of different elements of the game.

1nsomniac1862d ago

Don't be so naive it makes you look stupid. It's not my opinion it was downgraded it was fact. Use your eyes & stop being so foolish!!

The question is how much is it downgraded. The fact that they've claimed it's recorded footage from a 'PC/PS4' dev kit & then the footage played through a high end PC means nothing especially not from Ubisoft. All it means is they're not confident enough to show the actual real game in action.

Secondly it's a low quality off screen video/image so there's no physical way to compare fine detail between this & the last but what u can clearly see is effects that simply were not in the previous ps4 footage.

KnightRobby1862d ago

The information has been confirmed through Jonathan Morin, Creative Director of Watch Dogs. I've been stating this is nearly all videos.

Stenmark1862d ago

Morin,creative director confirmed that the game will have cockpit view.Those screenshots are taken from trailers and they are in-game so it will look like that,i assure you.

Maybe its PC maybe its xbox,no1 knows.

You spotted the difference from off screen footage? xD Again, who gives a fuck.You have HD PS4 footage ,you have nvidia PC trailer.I can't believe people up voted you xD

rocky0475861862d ago

Naïve? Actually it makes you look so stupid with your armchair analysis. You are so damn hypocritical. You telling me not to base how good it looks on this video but you can factually tell me there's been a downgrade from a fucking gif? The lowest of the lowest forms of quality? You gave an opinion from what you were able to discern from the gif, I don't remember you having the game with you to make such a factual analysis? Now that it's showing everything that you said that wasn't in the gif, now you want to pull the wait and see card? Get off your highchair sir, just admit you were wrong and enjoy the great looking game this has always been and stop giving your armchair analysis about gifs of games you've never seen before.

1nsomniac1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

What are you talking about!!

Im not basing my opinions on a gif I've not mentioned any gif.

I base all my Watch Dogs comparisons from last years "Real-time 14 min PS4 gameplay" footage as well as all the others so grow up & use your own eyes instead of what people tell you.

rocky0475861862d ago

Are you serious? I used my own eyes bro. I'm basing it on ALL of the videos that I've seen. What trailers did you compare to the 14 min trailer from 2013? The Welcome To Chicago Trailer? Oh wait, that one showed no downgraded graphics either. The ONLY downgraded graphics you know of was the one from the gif and/or the trailer that the gif was taken from. Me, grow up? I'm grown, I didn't come at you with anything personal at all.

I've only told you that you were wrong in thinking how you thought based on videos/gifs of certain parts of the game that you were TOLD looked different due to a variety of circumstances. You chose to ignore what the animators and the director of the game said about why it looked the way it did and seemed to be missing certain factors that you pointed out ever so eloquently in your post a few weeks ago.

So don't get upset at me and call me a child just because you were wrong about the graphics being downgraded. There was no factual proof at all, only your "analysis" of a part of a trailer that you were told looked a certain way for a certain reason yet you ignored what they said and went on and on anyway.

Sorry if that makes you feel like I'm picking on you...well I am lol, but out of fun. I just always stated to wait and see when we see better videos, clearly this video looks way better just like they said it would on PS4 when they'd show off certain other circumstances similar to what they originally revealed before.

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ThisEndsNow1862d ago

Is this from a ps4 version?

finito821862d ago

i still think this game will shine most on single campaign, not sure how well multi will do.

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