Rumor: PSN Name Change Option in the Works; Upcoming PS4 Update Made With Help of Sony Vegas Devs

Looks like some interesting things are on the horizon for PS4 users, as new information about a PSN name change option and the video tools included in the upcoming PS4 update has been leaked.

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Abash1867d ago

I don't think I'll ever change my PSN name, too many good memories attached to it

uptownsoul1867d ago

I think I would agree, but it would be a good option for some people who made interesting name choices and are now re-thinking their name now as they get a bit older.

joydestroy1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

i'll never change mine either. same as my username here. had it for way too long.

edit: interesting name choices, that might be an understatement for some XD

joshw20111867d ago

I would like to change mine. Not a big deal if I can't, though. I really want to be able to change to a main account, though. Being a sub-account is annoying, but I have too much stuff tied to my account to just make a new one at this point.

thorstein1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Well, I like that I can use real names with people I actually know, which is nice since we call each other by name anyhow and not by "xXKillerSniperEliteXx&qu ot; Or at least so my name is actually legible, dropping all the 1337 5p33k.

lsujester1867d ago

I don't mind mine, but I've been wanting to change it for years. I think I'd have it match my Twitch name, DrSparklePants.

alexkoepp1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

About time the PSN community gets a feature the XBL community has had for the better part of a decade.

I had an account years ago Lethal Sodomy lol, "You were killed by lethal sodomy" haha, it was great

dantesparda1867d ago

Surprise, surprise, alexkoepp trolling, as usual, as thats all he does. He's always either trolling or sweating MS. Poor kid, he takes this stuff way to seriously

AceBlazer131867d ago

Would've liked this feature before i made a new account.

blackblades1867d ago

My name is Miktheking75 back in the day when I played cod I was king. When those losers that took the game so seriously and lost they always got angry and called me Mikethequeen, or they just screamed my name out. Those my memories, time for me to have a screen name change.

memots1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

agreed, So many Tea Bag done under this name. I have to keep it.

RealtorMDandDC1866d ago

I feel you....I can't and would not change's a classic.

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LackTrue4K1867d ago ShowReplies(13)
ITPython1867d ago

I support name-changing as long as it isn't as casual as changing our avatars. Otherwise if this gets implemented friends will be constantly changing their names based on their current mood of the day, and trying to remember who is who will be a major PITA.

xHeavYx1867d ago

I would think it would be a one time only option

Swiggins1867d ago

Either that or do what Xbox does and just charge you $10, that alone would stop people from doing it TOO often. (I had a buddy on XBL that changed his name with the damn seasons -_-)

HugoDrax1866d ago

"friends will be constantly changing their names based on their current mood of the day,"

Understandable, but remember we can also set our PSN ID to be viewed as our real names from friends. Regardless, I have been waiting a long time to change my PSN ID.

Farsendor11867d ago

know people have been asking for this feature so im sure there are going to be people out there that want it.

Abdou0231867d ago

I would like for a country/region change, to keep using my same account everywhere.

Jazz41081867d ago

Who is Sony Vegas Devs. I live in Las Vegas and I am not aware of any Sony Studios here and I dont want to give dualshockers the hit to even remotley find out.

Angeljuice1866d ago

Sony Vegas Pro is a software editing suite, however it is more of a consumer product than a professional tool (I'm a filmmaker and know many professional editors including myself, none of whom use the software).

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Lawboy21867d ago

More insiders...get rid of one...three more pop up

Abriael1867d ago

This one has been around for a while. Actually a while longer than many others.

Lawboy21867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

For some reason I just don't like the idea...u quote them and believe them and use them in arguments and then it turns out not to be tru and u look stupid...It's just to many of them that's disrespect to anyone

@ abriael
I can understand that...

Abriael1867d ago

I don't "Believe" anyone. I don't even "believe" official press releases at times.

Tho, some people are more credible than others, so they're pretty good sources for rumors.

BitbyDeath1867d ago

Tidux is legit.
Here's an old thread where he provided a ton of information on the PS4 OS before it was known.

ziggurcat1866d ago

any info on whether it's going to be a paid service or whether they'll allow you to do it for free?

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GTgamer1867d ago

So how do insiders affect your life :/.

randomass1711867d ago

Eh, I like rumors. Particularly the ones that seem feasible enough to be true. It gets people talking which can lead to good discussion.

cmazza1867d ago

"Cut off one head, and three more will take its place"

P.s. Hail Hydra

iceman061867d ago

Every industry has them. They are a vital part of the news making process. In sports, politics, business, especially tabloid journalism, it's the insider that usually leaks the BREAKING NEWS. They just don't always call them insiders. They call them "a source connected with...". But, it's the same idea. That being said, I understand the trepidation that you have about them and their overall track record for being correct. I just say take it as a rumor until it's confirmed and don't get too excited.

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Reviews2Go1867d ago

Interesting. The ability to change your PSN name would be great.

Gardenia1866d ago

Changing name is great, but what to choose? Everything is already been taken. And numbers after a name looks so lame

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1867d ago

Please, I'd love to change my PSN from bountyhunter_ 123 to PrinceOfAllSaiyans or Saiyan_Prince. With a Vegeta avatar.

randomass1711867d ago

Ha, do you have any DBZ games on PS3? You may be able to get a gamer pic from one of those. :)


Oh man, the ability to change names.

one can dream...

randomass1711867d ago

Fingers crossed that it's free if true!

JoGam1867d ago

I doubt it. However it will be crazy if it was free.