New H1Z1 details surfaced, You need Food, Water and a safe place to live just one more day

New details about Sony 's upcoming zombie survival MMO H1Z1 has been surfaced online

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Sci0n1865d ago

soaking up all the info I can on this game like a sponge it can;t launch soon enough.

waltyftm1865d ago

Agreed, Whole body health, temperature, and stability systems, very nice indeed.

Maknsense1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

I can see it now. Noobs running around killing players just to take their houses or destroying it. Hmmmmm nice.

joab7771865d ago

So, I assume that if you die it is over? Only b/c they had talked about building communities etc.

If u die, r u fine as long as u can.make it back to ur friends etc.? I never played dayZ

waltyftm1864d ago

Watch TheRadBrad on Yooyubez.

I want this on PS3.

ovnipc1865d ago

This game its dayz with a much bigger bugget. Thats not a bad thing. I want to play it. When its coming out?

theDivision1865d ago

This game is free to play right? It sounds amazing but I am hoping there is no P2W scheme were someone can pay 100$ and have a years worth of food with some shiny .50 cal sniper and pick me off as I am searching for food... Really excited for this game just hope there isn't a glaring downside with it. It just sounds too good to be true right now.

MysticStrummer1865d ago

Assuming you believe him, that should put at least a little of your fear to rest.

Lord_Sloth1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Judging from what's been said it'll probably just be gold gun skins and trench coats.

Farsendor11865d ago

ill give it a try even if i don't buy things in f2p games.

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-Foxtrot1865d ago

Hmmmm I hope the food and drink feature doesn't become too annoying.

Like your out scavenging only to find you need a drink or some food with pop ups keep reminding you.

I_am_Batman1865d ago

That's like saying: I hope that the shooting feature won't be too annoying in that FPS.

Eating and drinking is an important part of surviving. You'll just eat and drink before going out scavenging or you'll take something with you. It's a survival game after all.

As for the pop up notification. Even if there is such a thing I'm sure you'll be able to turn it off. However I doubt something like this will be even implemented cause they've said it'll be a challenging game. There will probably be a simple bar on the interface.

-Foxtrot1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Yeah but sometimes in games that have similar features to this you need to get doing it constantly when in real life you wouldn't get hungry every 15 minutes.

It's fine if you eat something or have a drink and it lasts for a few hours before needing something else.

Look at State of Decay, look how annoying it gets when your trying to enjoy yourself only for you to keep being reminded our supplies are low, someone needs a talking to, go help these survivours, horde nearby, etc etc, then by the time you've done the last thing on your list and you set out again to explore the cycle repeats it's self all over again.

I mean do you really want to keep being ticked off every 20 mins or so when your trying to do something and your character needs to eat AGAIN. It's like when you played the Sims only to find that your character needs the toilet again or needs sleep when he's just got up.

I_am_Batman1865d ago

Of course every game mechanic can be screwed up but as long as there is no indication of it happening I rather stay optimistic.

I also think that minor things like that won't be game breaking even if they aren't perfectly adjusted right away cause they are easily tweakable with an update.

You can only test so much as a dev when developing an MMO game cause you can't realistically simulate a server full of players.

Lord_Sloth1864d ago

I figure it'll be like Minecraft. You don't have to eat but every 30 or so minutes but it'll start effecting your abilities in about 15-20. It takes your sprint in MC.

mezati991865d ago

the more i hear about this game the more i am pumped

Ninver1865d ago

Patiently waiting for the ps4 release.

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