Free Conception II DLC Now and in the Near Future, Includes Two Monokuma Quests

Atlus announced that for a full month, owners of Conception II will be able to download a free Disciple Weapon DLC pack that has five weapons for your party to use. There will also be plenty of other DLC to download, both free and priced, for the title.

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Reviews2Go1867d ago

How interesting. I never knew they were planning on DLC for the game :)

ajames3471867d ago

Me too. It was quite the surprise honestly haha

noxeven1867d ago

loving this game so far. was trying to get dlc all day just got it finally download. didn't get any of the payed stuff since i didn't see anything that was exactly that great but did pick up the 2 free quests. i hope we get monokuma ones for free

Skate-AK1864d ago

Free DLC is very welcome.