The Impossible Game

Let's face it, knowing every single thrilling game out there is quite an 'impossible' task, but nothing can get closer to impossible than 'The Impossible Game'. Chances are that you've never heard of it before, but once you've had, you'll never be able to forget it. It's time to free some time off of your schedule for this one!

The Impossible Game was initially released on the App Store a couple of years ago, and has since become available in most gaming platforms, indicating its wide success. The Impossible Game is a branch of the well-known Xbox Indic game which holds the same name. What catches the eye and soul about this game compared to the rest is, as its name indicates, that it is VERY difficult to play and win. The fact is that it is probably one of the hardest games out there!

The game was developed by Fluke Dude, who is an official indict games developer. He considers himself a person who "simply has fun making games across many different platforms for individuals to play". The developer claims that the game took around one month to complete, and was actually coded during a break from a larger project. Although a current success, the code did not start out that way. Fluke Dude kept on failing the peer review for the potential crashes in the storage code. Every single fail meant that he had to wait one more week in order to submit the game, making the process very frustrating. Though, with this in mind, the release was ultimately made to thriving reviews and success.

The Impossible Game consists of just two shapes, triangles and squares. The game play is very simple and clear and consists of a simple square which moves through a level at an incredible fast speed while the player tries to tap on the screen in order to make the square jump over triangles and on to other squares, all of this done while attempting to avoid crashing into them.

When you ultimately fail (which we guarantee) and hit a certain box or just land on the spikes, you will have to automatically begin right back from the start of the level and begin from scratch. Luckily for us, there is a useful practice mode that allows you to put flags down while you progress in the level so that you can restart playing from the last point the flag was placed. Though, the thing that truly makes this game quite "impossible" is that you must be able to make it all of the way through from the beginning to the end with just one life.

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wtf is this....a crap video and a link straight a game....

This seriously looks like spam...

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I'm tired of these "articles" that masquerade themselves as ads for games.

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yep, this is definitely an ad. Hopefully the mods can delete it.

stragomccloud1859d ago

This game is so freaking hard. I couldn't even get through the demo on Xbox live arcade.

finito821859d ago

haha i never heard of this game...going to check it out

SamPao1859d ago

Its pretty cool, I think I got it like two years ago with ps+. It was a psmini.
Never passed stage one though