Big Disney Infinity Announcements Coming Soon

Disney Interactive making plans for a big announcement concerning Disney Infinity. More details come in the form of press invites to a big event.

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Axonometri1866d ago

Eyes and Ears peeled on this one. Very interested to see how they handle this and what all they are doing.

JimmyHACK1866d ago

PS4 version is all I want, will love anything else with it.

randomass1711866d ago

Keep your eyes peeled. It will happen for sure.

Redinfamy1866d ago

The competition is getting heavy with Activision's Skylanders. Disney is going to add Marvel and Star Wars of course to Infinity.

barb_wire1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Of course they are.. Infinity has been a huge cash cow for Disney, from what I've read $1Bn and counting.

Marvel comes first.. Star Wars will come but I'm expecting them to add Star Wars in either Summer/Fall 2015, as Star Wars Epsiode VII comes out December 2015.

WeAreLegion1866d ago

Infinity is so fun.

But why do they have to nickel and dime us for extra content? Those characters are just too expensive for how little content they add to the game. :/

Skate-AK1866d ago

It's going to happen with next game too. Also Disney has such a large character pool, its a virtual gold mine for them.

randomass1711866d ago

It's how they make their money sadly. I don't mind buying figures though. THey make for neat collectibles.

Billybobjoey1866d ago

My opinion on these kinds of games are "meh". I feel as these kinds of games are money ploys. They could have just had the "figures" as unlockable characters in the game, but it seems to me as it's just a money ploy. Remember, this is my OPINION and you have the right to disagree.

randomass1711865d ago

I like how you can collect a physical collectible though. They also allow you to carry your game save from one version to another. So even if you play the PS3 version, you can play local co-op with your friend on the 360 version. That's amazing in this day and age. Wish we had that when I was little. :P

Billybobjoey1864d ago

I will agree that it's nice to have a sort of memory card built in to them, but still, it kind of bugs me.

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