The Last of Us: Remastered release date leaked?

It seems like retailer GameFly has leaked the released date of Naughty Dog's much awaited and highly anticipated title, The Last of Us: Remastered for Playstation 4. The important thing to notice is that the day falls on Friday (games are released on a Friday in the UK).

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1865d ago

June 20 is a long wait. Oh well. And I love when games release on Fridays in US too. Its so retarded that they 99% of the time release on a damn Tuesday.

Thehyph1865d ago

The Last Of Us launched on the Friday after E3 last year, and if this article is true, then it's going to follow the same path this year.

Kingthrash3601865d ago

makes sense!
i just got back from ign's article of are they trolling hard over there lol. i havent been there in i remember why i left.
dont get me wrong n4g has its resident trools but nothing in comparison to ign right now. smh..

OT ....can't...friggin....wai t.

gillri1865d ago

Yes I fins it strange, in the UK almost all our games get released on a Friday (until recently where some get released on a Tuesday)

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Paytaa1865d ago

Skyrim came out on a Friday too so this doesn't seem to far fetched. All I need is a PS4 and I can re-play this game in glorious 1080p and hopefully 60fps :)

GhostTurtle1864d ago

Totally agreed. I got to be at work at 550 mon-fri ><.

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mark3214uk1865d ago

think gta ps4 will also be out june so we will have 2 games to play :)

Clown_Syndr0me1865d ago

2 money grabbing re releases you mean? Id much rather play something new.

crusf1865d ago

I switched from Xbox to Sony this year and I haven't played TLOU yet this is new to me.

Clown_Syndr0me1865d ago

@crusf Thats fair enough, Im just fed up in general of re-releases.
I havent played TLOU so will be buying it this time round, but buying it second hand as I dont want to support re-releases anymore as it seems to be happening so often, with less and less of a time gap between them and their originals.

LackTrue4K1865d ago

What new games are coming out on an XboxOne???

And not your "wait for E3 cry"
And real games, not some rumors.....???

MasterCornholio1865d ago

I haven't played GTAV or TLOU.

I'm buying both for PS4.

P.S I know GTAV hasnt been announced yet for PS4 but if it does I'm getting it.

thekhurg1865d ago

Don't see how either release is a money grab. Not everyone owned a PS3, and not everyone grabbed GTA 5 since it launched right before next-gen started.

elninels1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

I will be more than happy to buy gta v again. The last of us I will probably buy as well, but for the multiplayer mostly(SP didn't hold much replayability to me). Is every product that gets reiterated with improvements a cash grab? Gamers are some the most self entitled consumers. It's childish is and its the cause of a lot of stagnation in game development. Dont be a jerk guy, please?

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Farsendor11865d ago

im fine with hd remasters, i wouldnt be happy paying 60$ if i already bought the game before witch i didnt so im fine.

i didnt buy tom raider ps4 because i already played and beat it on pc i might get it later on when i can find it for 20$. i see where you are coming from, i just dont mind paying for games i dont already have.


I don't ses the problem with remastering, remaking or even re-releasing games at all. But if you mean doing so at full price, than I completelly agree.

I really hope TLOU packs the DLC with it for 60 bucks (it's 200 Reais in Brazil, more than InFamous Second Son! OUCH!) to make up some of that value, but chances are I'm buying it anyway. What can I say? I'm a sucker for this game (but hey, at least I know I'm one).

GTA V I may also buy if the multiplayer is widely improved AND it's cheaper than a new game. I don't care if it's cheaper if the online is still broken with cheaters everywhere, lame progression and no one playing missions simply because they are boring and gives nothing back (I really hope heists are out by then and it actually solves this).

extermin8or1865d ago

You realise theres no difference btween tlou remastered and a GOTY version of a game really, except tlou remastered throws in improved visuals ontop of extra content on disc.

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cooperdnizzle1865d ago

of course it's after e3 they need it to fill a slot for the e3 show. boooo sony pull it together this game should already be out.

Thehyph1865d ago

They didn't need it to steal the show last year.

jmac531865d ago

I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of slots filled at their E3

Silly gameAr1865d ago

You know what Sony has planned for E3? Fill us in.

Lucreto1865d ago

The PS3 released on the 14th June. The PS4 version will be out nearly a year to the date.

MassOnesumis1865d ago

Best Buy also has this same date. I think that could be a realistic release date.

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