Children Exposed To Violent Video Games Retain Aggressive Behavior and Thoughts

A recent study by researchers at Iowa State University suggests kids who play violent video games will have more aggressive behavior and keep aggressive thoughts regardless of age, gender or parental involvement.

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randomass1711867d ago

Isn't that conditioning? Kids need to be made aware of the differences between fantasy and reality otherwise that kind of violent imagery can have a lasting impact.

hay1867d ago

TLDR: Children exposed to violent games without proper context retain aggressive behaviour.
Children treated with maturity and responsibility grow up to be so called "geniuses".

ELSE: Many volumes of historical data offer explanation in form of supernatural(fallen angels) and mere low psychological level of humanity(greed, pettyness), but most of this stems from ancient Egipt and transfers to Roman empire.
During that time Europe was pretty damn illuminated about this stuff, and it wasn't tolerated until (known today as)Roman assault took over parts of the free world from west and south producing falseness, turning brother against brother.

There's a lot of evidence that before rise of certain religious movement most of Europe was pretty damn awesome living according to Holy Laws embracing the differences in quite mature manner.
Don't read this in pink colours but white dude lived in peace with black dude, black dude with yellow dude, hell, it was pretty much one world, one empire, despite the petty colour differences. Chinese lived as friends with siberian Dinglings on the same land, Slavs with Indos, this has given the rise of amazing Indo culture for example.
There was no BS politics, writing was simple, consisting of the only true, holy runes used as bridge, multinational language(which then later were subjected to degradation and pushed into occult, for example among many: names of God in Kaballah).

The main focus of the society was a family, which definition was later bastardized into barbaric tribes. Temples were open to anyone, reason was more important than complex and deceptive contracts, and if someone didn't like it, could just go somewhere else.

But world wasn't perfect back then, because it'll always be exactly the way we are making it or allowing it to be shaped by others.

Original humans were pushed from the point of origin(home), lost touch with their roots which was gradually leading to the engineered divide.

</nurd mode off>

Human brain works like a machine, synaptic links are created and strengthen with each exposure, without prioritization of concepts we're prone to do dumb shit. But we're not able to do this correctly from within our perception.

Our peers are responsible for that, specially during first 5 years of our lives, when human brain is in soak mode, does not question a thing, absorbs all, and then starts to rationalize the world with all this data.

aari1860d ago

you need to check your facts fool dang maybe 1 to 2 kids have vilent thauths

hay1860d ago

@aari: You need to learn to read with comprehension.

Neonridr1867d ago

parents need to take a more active role in what video games they allow their parents to play. Back when I was a manager at a Blockbuster too many times I would see a parent renting a game like Saints Row for their 12 year old son.

As a new father, I will be sure to monitor what my son plays as he grows up, and ensure that the titles I am playing in his presence are age appropriate as well.

randomass1711867d ago

Yeah man, I saw a lot of that back when Blockbuster was still a thing. Lots of times kids walked out with copies of Grand Theft Auto games. It was dumb because the parents seemed so blissfully unaware or uncaring of the mature content.

SilentNegotiator1867d ago

"parents need to take a more active role in what video games they allow their parents to play"

LOL, I know what you meant, but this still made me laugh.

randomass1711867d ago

Oh wow, I didn't even catch that lol. Hey Neonridr, don't feel badly. Honest mistake. XD

Axonometri1867d ago

Yet, somehow, children who grew up watching violent movies are fine. Children who grew up listening to violent stories and reading violent books are OK. We can trace this back to the days that violent stories were told and sung by travelers. Frick, Now we are back when everyday life was a violent struggle and kids saw death first hand almost all the time... somehow we managed to grow up and become the people in society we are today. 7 billion kids growing up living life with death and violence all around us, how come only a handful are violent?

Muffins12231867d ago

Well you have to admit games are more immersive than those examples you given. You almost feel like your actully that person especially with crazy stuff like the oculus coming out! I doubt it makes you violent though. Maybe if you play it when your 5 years old but older than that any normal person would not be changed by it. At most you could say is that it makes you less bothered and effects the way you react by violence and violent acts that you see in real life.

Axonometri1867d ago

I was trying to say that violence has been around since birth of man. Obviously, violence can alter behavior. What pisses me off though, is how every media and study wants to point out games, while completely ignoring every other source of violence in life. In most cases, sources of violence that are by far more impressionable than a video game.

randomass1711867d ago

The problem is not all kids can determine the difference between reality and fantasy and everyone responds differently to different things. If a kid is conditioned to think violence is normal in real life, it could have a really bad effect later in their life.

yazter1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Age restrictions should be legally enforced. It's the parents' (or legal guardian's) job to raise the kid, not society at large.

(EDIT: I say this because I want to enjoy multiplayer without people squeal "gayn****rf*g" thinking they're all BAMF.

Beastforlifenoob1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

No offense but that idea is worth jack shit.

1.) It is against free speech, video games are protected by free speech.

2.) If your saying you ONLY watched R rated movies and played M rated games when you were 17, I wouldn't believe you.

3.) Parents are supposed to be the ones parenting not the government.

4.) Dont be a dic*head who ruins peoples fun, some mature teens who are 14 or 15 can easily handle an M rated game and dont shout into the mic.

5.) Your generalizations and stereotyping show to me you shouldnt be playing M rated games or watching R rated movies as you are generalized a few million teens into only a few that youve heard on cod (shows you dont even have the maturity to mute them , it takes 3 seconds dont lie to me and say you cant.)

6.) A law cant be imposed just for your comfort, it would also cost too much money and would be impossible to enforce(i.e. A kid could just buy a PSN card as those are unrestricted and then buy cod, or their parents could still buy it for them, or they could buy it online, or they could get their older brother to buy it for them.)

A reference from GTA V "Tell me what you want and Ill tell you exactly why that cannot be"

End of story dont be a buzzkill

ElementX1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Sounds like somebody is a minor...

BTW free speech means the government can't arrest or prosecute you for what you say, meaning people can put violence or nudity in video games without facing any charges. It has nothing to do with who can purchase the material. Porn is protected but minors can't purchase it legally.

yazter1867d ago

Freedom of speech applies to government and public forums (i.e. tv, magazines). Videogames, by extension, are expressions and yes they are legal.

What I mean is, restrict the ACCESS, not the publishing, to mature audiences.

I've seen R rated movies and yes, adult stuff. However, those are vastly different from videogames. Videogames are immersive, where you are in control. I never played online shooter, or any FPS, until I was 20 (in 2008). Only exception is Golden Eye 007 (Rated T by ESRB). Only M rated games I played were horror games.

None of that should matter in the bigger picture. My experience is my own. What we are talking about is a scientific study published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Of course, there are variables not listed in the abstract. They only said "violent games" but what type of 'violent is it? Does it revolve around killing human AI, or killing non-human (zombies, monsters.. etc)? Also, was it online or offline gaming? What game(s) did they use?

I'm not a doomsayer. I'm not saying playing videogames leads mass shooting. It's about behaviour and thought, not direct violent actions.

I agree about parents but also retailers should be required by law to ask for proof of age.

I hope I explained my point clearly.

feraldrgn1867d ago

This can only happen if they think it's appropriate behaviour, ie; when they don't recieve proper parenting.

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