PAX East 2014 Cosplay Gallery

GR: Check out the cosplay highlights from PAX East 2014 including King Hippo, Joel + Ellie and a Clicker, and so many more.

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acharlez3459d ago

Gotta love the crazy cosplayers!

insertcoin3459d ago

The Duke Nukem one was boss!

dbjj120883459d ago

PAX is great. So happy they're adding another.

knifefight3459d ago

It almost seems like too much. x_X

...But of course, that's from my own "reading previews" perspective. It's nice that more people get to go.


PAX Attendees Get Sneak Peak at ID@Xbox’s Awesome New Lineup

PAX Prime in Seattle is one of the biggest video game fan events in the world, and Xbox was there showing off some of the exciting upcoming games for Xbox One. But with all of the amazing upcoming ID@Xbox games in the works, there was too much awesomeness for one convention to hold.

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qwerty6763319d ago

speed runners looks hella fun.

stuna13318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

I have to agree with you. Looks like it would be hard to put down! simplistic yet enjoyable. Also Warframe great addition.

I have to add, what's someone's motivation for disagreement with any of these comments and, why wasn't I disagreed with as well?

3-4-53318d ago

Volgar & Speed runner look awesome.

So does that Co-op game.

Docknoss3318d ago

This ID@XBOX is amazing, The competition between the consoles are driving the two company's to give us so many more options than past generations.

dantesparda3314d ago

You forgot to wave around your pom poms. Also, everybody knows that ID@ is worst than Sony's indie program

lfc_4eva3318d ago

I'm really impressed by some of these games coming out. Keep up the great work guys.

Automatic793318d ago

Same here they look like a lot of fun.

GodGinrai3318d ago

Fulgar the barbarian....From the time I saw the references to rastan, I was like "yeaaaah booooy!" I loved that game on my commodore amiga!

Looking forward to these games!

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Microsoft Brings Sunset Overdrive, Halo, Ori, And More To PAX

Microsoft has announced its lineup for this weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington. In addition to welcoming people to campus to sample ID@Xbox titles, there will be a significant Xbox presence at the show.

If you’re in Seattle, you can get hands-on time with Sunset Overdrive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Forza Horizon 2, Killer Instinct Season 2, Ori and the Blind Forest, IDARB, Project Totem from PressPlay, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. A new Age of Empires mobile game, Castle Siege, will be available in a separate booth.

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ScorpiusX3327d ago

Very cool , wish I could attend.

4Sh0w3327d ago

Yeah, me too. It's crazy because I've never been to Seattle but I'll be there in mid September for work related reasons, to think if I could have got that lucky to be there at the same time as micro's PAX show, I would have tried to get over there somehow. lol, damm.

700p3327d ago

I wish i could too. They have some great games i wanna play already!

tgunzz3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

I really wish for the return of demos. The wait for these games are killing me.

Godmars2903327d ago

Demos where never really an accurate representation of the full game. Either were from early builds, or had semi-god-modes on. Gimped in the player's favor.

tgunzz3327d ago

Not about accuracy/final build for me. It has always felt good to get a little early access of upcoming games, especially games I am most excited about. Sheer fun factor my gamer friend. Game on.

qwerty6763327d ago

will they finally reveal lockout as a remastered map?

theRell3327d ago

Why would you even suggest such a horrible map? Midship 4 Lyfe.