RPG Maker VX Ace – Making Our Perfect Game

IM PLAYIN have been using RPG Maker Web's RPG Maker VX Ace to create their very own 8-bit RPG. Here's how they're getting on so far.

"Ok, so maybe it isn’t the simplest of things to do. If it were simple, the games that you could make would be incredibly basic. Instead, RPG Maker Web have made the process as simple as possible, whilst still allowing you to create your ultimate 8-bit RPG. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the whole process is much easier. We’ve been using VX Ace for the last couple of months to make a short RPG game. When finished, you’ll get around an hour of gameplay out of our short little adventure, with various quests and side-quests dotted throughout the game. We’ve not come up with a title for it yet, but we’ve toyed with ‘The Untitled IM PLAYIN Project’ … I’m sure it will change."

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