What next for the Infamous series on PS4?

Gamer Headlines writes: As an industry fuelled by fans and media constantly looking forwards to the future of the big games, it wasn’t long after finishing Infamous: Second Son, that many minds started to wonder what the future held for the Infamous series. Strong sales so far suggest that a sequel is highly likely, as Sony will want to strengthen the brand into a PS4 front-runner along with their critically acclaimed Uncharted series.

If the Infamous series is to continue though, it will need to evolve in order to remain a relevant IP. Second Son was a solid next-gen debut, but it could be argued that it was a remarkably safe entry. For a sequel, players will be expecting Sucker Punch to push the boat out and get creative, as (graphics aside) there was little to differentiate the latest game from the old ones. Sucker Punch has hit the ground running on the PS4 and proved that they have no problems getting some gorgeous visuals from the new hardware, but what else can we looked forward to in the fourth Infamous game?

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ZodTheRipper1866d ago

Expansion with new powers and missions hopefully ...some infinite post game content would be godlike.

WeAreLegion1866d ago


I guarantee the DLC will involve breaking the other conduits out of Curdun Cay. Then, you will use their powers. I just hope we see lots of new mission types, as well. I enjoyed Second Son so much, but I platinumed it. There's nothing left to do except the new Paper Trail every week.

I would love to see something like Festival of Blood. One of the best DLCs of last gen.

csreynolds1866d ago

I would certainly welcome more content for this. DLC involving other conduits, additional powers to use and some new mission types (what I liked about inFAMOUS 2 were the online, custom missions created by both players and Sucker Punch). Frankly, the more time I can spend wreaking havoc in this beautiful recreation of Seattle, the better. Bring on more content!

LightofDarkness1866d ago

I would like to see some big changes for the franchise going forward. The moral choices are very much there to railroad you to one extreme or the other, there is no middle ground: you're either good or evil. If you attempt to be morally ambiguous, the game punishes you for it by locking away more useful and powerful abilities. The game should employ more of a system built on how you play, rather than the few moral choices you make after story events (which account for the majority of your karma points). They shouldn't lock away abilities you learned earlier just because you're not that big of an asshole/goodie two shoes all the time. Morally grey stories are always more interesting as well.

I also think there needs to be a LOT more imagination with the powers. They all boil down to a basic setup: standard/primary shot, grenade, rocket, screen clearer. I'd like to see the ability to combine powers, like being able to absorb from two sources and mix their abilities to create crazy new effect (much like you can in Magicka).

Skate-AK1862d ago

I would rather them do a new game.