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Thief was meant to be a reboot of the franchise (original game, Thief: The Dark Project -1998 and the much loved games that came after)- that is something that comes with the pressure of high expectations. I know that I, for one held great anticipation for this game- Writes Mark Kerry

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PridedLlama1867d ago

Having played and loved all 3 of the original games, I found myself abandoning this after about 8 hours of playing. Just didn't have enough to captivate me and like you said some things get really irritating really quickly. Opening windows especially, not knowing if you have already looted the room, or worst still it leading to another area which means a dreaded loading screen.

UglyGeezer1867d ago

I think you did well for 8 hours. I do hope to get back to it, I have it on the PC and it had some stuttering issues that hopefully will be sorted now.

Loved the original games, oozed a dark atmosphere and intelligence that few games can manage to mix well.

GoogleYourMama1867d ago

In all fairness, the game could've been something great.. and whilst i really wanted to like it i just couldn't get there. i would never tell someone not to play it because it has its good points to it.. but the bad just don't outweigh the good on this occasion. I think that my decision rests on the shoulders of EIDOS Montreal mainly, if the fluidity was implemented this game would have been far more enjoyable. It was the controls and movement which really got tedious as you go on throughout the game.

SXFoxstarcom1867d ago

I was very tempted when this was first released as it drew comparisons to Dishnoured, but your comments seem to have been echoed by many gamers. It was nice to read a good balanced review that did mention the games pros as well as it's many faults.

Great review.

Dutch15851865d ago

This game has plummeted in price, I think it is less than a tenner now, a very bad sign when it has been out only a matter of weeks. I am glad I gave it a miss.

Skate-AK1864d ago

It was never going to turn out well for this game. The devopment was so fragmented.