The Evil Within: 5 Reasons Why This Game Can’t Scare Anyone (with GIFs)

The recently launched trailer at PAX East indicates that more than failing at horror, this game doesn’t seem to scare anyone at all.

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AaronPS3217d ago

I don't know. This game still looks great to me. Just because a demo was shown at PAX that seemed to be without explanation. I think the reason he isn't crapping his pants at every turn is because the demo takes place a while into the story, it would get annoying if he was crying over everything. As for the scares, the article says that its the same old scares from older games yet is this not the reason people were so intrigued by the game in the first place?

randomass1713216d ago

It's from Shinji Mikami. And he's a fantastic game designer. It sounds like the PAX demo video just wasn't up to snuff. I reckon the final build will be much improved.

Palitera3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I agree. Even with all the negative media, I still have lots of faith on the game. I NEVER disliked a Shinji Mikami game.

To me, it is a anti-AlienColonialMarines, which the press loved but screamed FAIL non-stopping. Like Brink, or Homefront, or Hunted: Demon's Forge. Or (...).

Lord_Sloth3216d ago

Agreed. I point to Dragon's Dogma as an example. Fantastic game but had a very crummy demo.

Matt6663216d ago

only because Shinji Mikami doesn't make it automatically good mean look how he ruined the RE series with RE4, it was no longer a survival horror game but more like a action game.

SaturdayNightBeaver3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

There must be hundreds of reasons why character is acting the way he is. No one even knows him yet, maybe he isn't scared as much ? Or just remember older games like RE and Silent Hill , i don't recall any of those characters shitting their pants at every zombie, they compare it to whiny characters like Amnesia and Outlast where we had to wrestle with and control a whiny little crappy pants through half scripted game. They were ok but they don't mean the only way action horror game can be done. Also if Shinji Mikami doesn't know how to make horror game , then no one else does either.

You can see here what he said about the game:

MadLad3216d ago

I am pretty sure the shift in public opinion is scaring the developers.

mezati993216d ago

even shinji mikami ?! i mean seriously what the fu**k happened to good survival horror games ?!

Lord_Sloth3216d ago

How many letters do you believe are in f***?

aLucidMind3216d ago

Should be roughly 25, right?

VTKC3216d ago

good survival horror games started dieing in the birth of Resident Evil 4. The horror survival feeling came from the limited ammo and health as well as the limited amount of times one could save their game progress.
Resident Evil 4 had given the players the reassurance that ammo was plenty by killing enemies they magically drop. Health is the same with the ammo. The player even had cool ways to kill enemies by having the option to strategically shooting them in the face or leg and approach with a follow up attack that did severe damage to the enemy. Yes some of the enemies/monsters/creatures were very imaginative than giant mutated killer frogs and dead rabie like dogs and giant spiders but not to worry as the player is given a complete arsenal of firearms enough to excite any gun-nut enthusiast.

on_line_forever3216d ago

i start to hate this game because its remember me of RE4 .

RE4 its like the curse affect the whole survival horror feeling .

we really must stop thinking RE4 is survival horror its NOT . even it has a good rating its not belong to the series of resident evil at all .

VTKC3214d ago

I agree with you Genius. Resident Evil 4 is a good game but its not what Resident Evil is as in survival horror-it just wears the name. and wears it very badly.

crusf3216d ago

This game tripped and fell... hard. So much potential what happened Shinji Mikami! You were my only hope for the struggling survival horror genre!

mogwaii3216d ago

Cmon! There are plenty of games out and coming out that prove the survival horror genre is alive and kicking, go play will crap yourself, daylight looks to be very creepy, the forest looks again looks awesome and creepy as hell, there are also the slender man games and many others.
Resident evil has not been scary for a long time so shinji mikami being at the helm on this one meant the same fate, i dont know why anybody thought things would suddenly change. We need to look to new blood to creep us the hell out.

on_line_forever3216d ago

all the games you mention it its a first person view .

and for me i don't like first person view specially in games like resident evil and evil within and this is the different between them .

UnwanteDreamz3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Man did you just call Outlast survival horror? That pile is so far removed from survival horror the only common thread is horror. Once you realise surviving in outlast is as easy as running it stops being scary or entertaining. You must have been born in early 2000 to call Outlast survival horror. Jump scares and running, that's Outlast.

Neonridr3216d ago

@UnwanteDreamz - whether or not you call Outlast a survival horror game or not doesn't change the fact that it was actually a scary game. The first good scary game in a while. Survival Horror doesn't have to involve combat, Amnesia never did and was considered by many as one of the best Horror games out there.