FIFA or PES: Which Is The Best Game?

NoobFeed recaps the biggest football franchises in time for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Both EA's FIFA 14 and Konami's PES 2014 have their fans, but which one is ultimately the best? Their track record will decide on the complete picture.

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ovnipc2238d ago

PES had my vote 4 or 5 years ago now Fifa its better. The only thing Fifa its missing its the champions.

Mac is OK2238d ago

Mine too. I find PES more fun and a better simulation of the sport than FIFA. Also FIFA has never had enough national teams.

That being said, I do play PES on PC where I don't have to worry about the framerate, and I can just patch all the correct player names and shirts in.

johnsonbat2238d ago

I find myself always coming back to PES after the shine of FIFA wears off. I find the fluidity of PES and openness of gameplay is what I enjoy most about it. My dream game would be a mix of the 2.

iceman062238d ago

WOW!!! I came in here expecting to be the ONLY person willing to defend PES. I think that, while FIFA is ahead now, PES has a really strong foundation after the engine changes. I think that the Fox engine and the M.A.S.S. engine were probably built with the next gen in mind, yet scalable to older consoles. PES is just more organic in its nature. It doesn't feel canned or repetitive when you set up plays. Ping Ponging will only go so far and when you score it just feel right. FIFA has come a long way in that regard as well. But, it still feels a bit off in terms of feeling like the real thing. Its always very fun, has much better online features, has more teams than anybody would know what to do with. But, I don't mind grabbing a file or two from the mod community to get the leagues that I want.

2238d ago
dark-kyon2238d ago

pes can get worse games sometimes,but fifa is now and before a bad football game,the people what like fifa are fans of football in europa what love to play with the real teams and players and do not bother have play a bad game and casual gamers what do not know about football.

zackacloud2238d ago

I was one of wining eleven fan from ps1 till 2009 it just was bullshit once I tried fifa 2009 and 2010. Fifa is better in everything except graphics. I tried and over and over again to love pes again but reall man this game is sick just fast player is need to score.

Scrivlar2238d ago

I've absolutely loved FIFA since the France 98 game and have bought every one since, my mate had PES games a few yeas ago and I couldn't enjoy them. The fact FIFA has the licencing does definitely help but I do genuinely find it more enjoyable to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.